Here it is time for me to rant and rave once again as an old fart. When I first started blogging several years ago, it was suggested that I find my niche – “Niche: a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted, i.e., finally found his niche.” 

As one might surmise from reading my “About Me” page – I have no true niche. Basically, I have two thoughts that serve as my ‘niche’ – talking about and sharing retirement experiences and ranting and raving on just about anything that crosses my mind. But, there is usually one common thread I weave through anything that I write about and that is – I try to make it comical.

For me, pretty much I am the happiest while in front of my computer attempting to create a piece of writing that is both informative and comical – and for those of you who have been following my rants and raves for some time – I am sure you will agree – at times the information provided is more comical than informative.There is a reason for my madness though and that is with all the negative news floating around the Internet, TV, Radio, Facebook, Newspapers, and whatever other means of communication is available to us: “Enough already” – when do I get to laugh?

With that, allow me to take you into my crazy mixed up world of sayings, signs, and a picture or two. Within the confines of my office one will find all types of mementos that we have picked up over the years, had given to us or are pictures that made us laugh at some silly moment in time. For instance – in the morning if I am not feeling up to par – all I need to do is look at one sign I captured via my camera once and I am ready for just about anything.



Drink Coffee

And then there are days where I must do considerable research but don’t feel like it. What do I do – you got it – look at yet another plaque on the wall like this one about studying:

Why study

I could go on and on but I should save some of these for another post. Fact of the matter is that we all have our – how should I put it – our “Out of Sorts Day!” Fortunately, I do not have many of those days but when I do, all I need to do is make a cup of coffee, go in my office, sit down in my chair and just reminisce by looking at all the mementos, pictures, and wild and crazy sayings I have hanging there. Before you know it, I am back to my old self – thinking up goofy posts to write about and share with you here so that you can share in my madness too!

Remember: “Growing Old is Mandatory – Growing Up is Optional” and I choose not to grow up. Plus, I would rather be happy than grumpy – and besides, believe me when you get right down to it – it is so much more fun! 



Have a great day.  Until next post!


10 thoughts on “When Do I Get to Laugh?

  1. Hear! Hear! I couldn’t agree more 🙂
    I too have a number of sayings stored away that are guaranteed to make me laugh out loud every single time I read them – your “coffee” is one of them. I would rather laugh than cry, so why focus on the bad. Even the bad can be re-framed as silly with the right frame of mind.

  2. And why grow UP? Why not just BE? I’ve found that my ‘being’ has increased as I spend time with our young grandchildren. They think it’s hysterical that I skip and dance and giggle along with them. I just think it’s fun. 🙂

  3. Thank you again, for yet another uplifting post. I love your signs and look forward to your others.
    However, for me, I no longer believe that growing old is mandatory because…. when we do what we love, time stands still and we do not age. Aging takes on a whole new perspective today. I mean, look at yourself! See how your years of smiles, laughter and love has youthed you? “You are NOT an old fart, when youthful at heart.” quote by renagain original (me).
    So….. for me, I would re-quote you and say, “Growing old is optional. Growing up is forbidden.”

    1. Thank you – I appreciate your candor and to be perfectly honest – I enjoy the crazy way I write and actually gave up looking for a niche. If it is something I like and want to share – so be it. My main thought process when writing is to be funny, entertaining, and if I can share an interesting fact or two no matter how useless it may be – so be it. It is my way of escaping all the other craziness in the world today. Besides – usually – I laugh at my own material and when I do, I say to myself, if it got a chuckle from me – hopefully it will get a chuckle from someone else. Have a great weekend (did you notice I am starting your weekend on a Friday unless you really want a long weekend – if so – include this evening as well). 😉

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