I’ll be Back!

Relax, Think, and Reflect!


I got to thinking recently, at what point in our lives do we think we have all the answers? Then I said, self, we never have all the answers. Why? Because the day we think we have all the answers, well that is the day we may as well hang it up and just store the old boots under the bed or in the closet.

While we would like to think that we are set in our ways, fact is that becoming set in our ways is probably one of the worst things we can do as we age.

Think about it – as I may have mentioned in prior posts – in our lives, there is nothing as consistent as change. With that thought in mind, we have to keep all our options open which means we need to keep our life and thinking flexible.

We all know how things can change in – as I like to call it – “In a New York Minute. ”


Fact is, due to that we need to be ready to “rock and roll” as soon as anything different does happen. Why, because one should never get too comfortable in life. We need to be ever vigilant and know how to roll with the punches.

At one time in my life I had wanted to take up martial arts – not necessarily to become some “bad ass” type of individual but mainly because every person I knew that had mastered some form of martial arts had also mastered control of their lives as well. Think about it – individuals such as those familiar with martial arts moves, you know, moves like ducking and weaving or dodging and flowing – usually are quite in control when something unexpected happens.

And we all know, in life, we need to be flexible. By rolling with the punches as mentioned above, we will be able to see life in a different light. Life should not be looked upon as our enemy. Life is our friendly partner who shows us how to duck and weave or dodge and flow. By taking this approach, chances are we will have fun in the process versus taking a cold hard stand and drawing a line in the sand. My educated guess is that if we take this latter approach, the only thing we are going to learn is what it feels like to be knocked down a peg or two.

Over the years we have looked upon our lives and how we approach life as one gigantic adventure. Why else would we have moved a minimum of twenty-five times over the past fifty-three years. As a matter of fact, one such adventure had me quitting my job (after I had received the best salary increase ever in five years) to move clear across the United States (from Florida to Arizona) with a wife and two children on the assumption (there is that word “assume” again) I would land on my feet and get a satisfactory job (which fortunately I did). Did someone say “adventure!”

By taking the approach of “Why not do it?” just think of the experiences we can have. And at our age, how many wild and crazy ideas might we have in us yet. Whatever they are or may be, fact is that even if the thought of doing something different scares us – we should do it anyway. Think like a turtle. If we don’t like what we see when we do it, we can just crawl back into our shells as though nothing happened. Not too sure of this thought process but I don’t “not want” to be adventurous either.

Being the age we are though, one does have to be logical about this process. Some opportunities may just have to be passed up because, well, let’s face it, the smart person should know when to say yes and should be smart enough to know when to say ‘no’ as well. After all, we didn’t get to where we are today by making “dumb” decisions.

There comes a time we need to get out of our comfort zone and do different things. Besides doing something different is not only exciting but can also – believe it or not – improve our mental well-being. Take us for example, we have been in this same house now ten years – but we do not look at it as it being our last residence. We both have dreams of finding our Shangri-la. A place that has all the amenities we would like so that we can spend the last quarter of our lives listening to the waves at a beach or listening to the sound of the birds chirping, watching squirrels scamper across the lawn scavenging for nuts and/or seeds. All the while enjoying our cup of coffee while we take in how beautiful each morning is at this particular time of our lives.

What better time to sit back, relax, think, and reflect. Now that is retirement living.

Before I go though. let me just mention that I hadn’t planned on using this piece just now. Because we are going to begin yet another adventure shortly and as such, will probably have limited Internet service, I decided to share this post with you but also add one or two comments regarding what my future intentions are as it relates to this site. My goal is to use part of this time away to do two things:

  1. What some of you may not be aware of is that I post a daily quip to my Facebook account and as such I am of the opinion that my material is becoming stale and not as entertaining as I would like it to be. So , while away on this adventure, I hope to update my material making it more interesting and fun so that when I do return, individuals following my nonsense will like the turn of events and direction I will have chosen for future posts.

  2. In addition I intend to do my best to determine or shall I say finally choose “my niche” to write about here on Lakeland Musings by Irwin. By that I mean something that I am truly passionate about, want to write about, naturally with the ultimate goal that those of you following my blog will find it interesting as well and as such continue following my blog on a weekly basis.

So, wish me luck and as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator,

“I’ll be back!”


Fish Out of Water!

Every week I have a hard time deciding what it is I want to write about. The things I like writing about are philosophical quotes and/or anything funny that will make me laugh – well you too, but hey if it doesn’t make me laugh, it probably won’t make you laugh either and where’s the fun in that?

Lately I have been – how shall I put it – coming up dry. Or to put it another way and my sneaky way of writing an article and engaging today’s one-word prompt – “fish” – I feel like a fish out of water.


Here’s the thing – I very seldom look to the news as a source to get my creative juices flowing so as to provide me with something funny to write about because – well, let’s face it, there isn’t much to laugh about today when it comes to the news. If it isn’t some nature made catastrophe (earthquake in New Zealand), riots on the streets, property being burned and destroyed, or film showing some innocent citizen being beat to a pulp, well, it isn’t news, and that’s just sad..

Perish the thought we should wake up one morning, turn on the television, computer, tablet, iphone, smart phone, or pick up the newspaper and see/or read something comical – you know something that causes us to just bowl over laughing. Call me crazy, but


personally I just love to wake up and after turning on my smart phone (Sorry Apple but I am an Android user) read something wild and crazy or comical and the funnier or wilder, the better I like it.

It just puts me in a fun frame of mind and well, ready to tackle just about everything. So, now that I got your attention – I think today’s wild and crazy post will be about aging (we are old but we are not dead ……yet!).

How should we spend our twilight years? Well, I for one do not go for that theory that we should leave all our money to our children. (besides – what can they buy for $1.98).


Nope, we are going to both use it and enjoy it – lookout cruises – here we come.

How can we do that – well, one thing we have to keep in mind is if we want to travel (one of our favorite past times), we have to be healthy. So, we will make it a point to do some moderate exercises (at the moment we are line dancing four days a week for at least one hour each day). Combined with shopping (spending money), we tend to average between 5000 – 6000 steps a day.

Seeing that I do not intend to take it with me, when we do spend money, we will buy the better product – after all, we want something that will last as long as we do. Thus we will begin to look at quality instead of quantity.

One of the things I have tried very hard to do since 2005 (the year after I had some serious health issues) is to not stress over the small things in life.


We have so much we have to put up with in our lives today – no sense in adding more stress to those days. I am sure that those of you reading this will agree, we all have both good and bad memories -but the one thing that is most important is “the here and now!” How we feel each day when we wake is what will keep us going and I try my best each morning to think positively and only for what is happening today.

Earlier I complained about the news and the fact that what tends to be reported repeatedly is bad news – well we cannot control that – but we cannot bury our heads in the sand either. We need to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world today. Stay socially active. I, for one, while I may not like what is happening in the world today, try my best to stay tuned in to what is happening because keeping in touch with reality and with people we know and love is also part of what keeps us going.

There is a lot of talk today about aging, senior citizens and so forth.


Truth be told though, had it not been for people our age, we might not be where we are in the world today. Oh, I am sure the younger generation has quite a few ideas that are different from yours or mine but the fact is that believe it or not – they are the future. It is their ideas, skills, and will power that will take this world of ours in the direction of their choosing. And that may not be a bad thing. What we need to do is listen to them and their ideas and provide advice where needed instead of criticism. After all it was the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors that got us to where we are today – shouldn’t we return the favor?

One of my biggest drawbacks (other than being somewhat of an introvert) is that of not being a conversationalist. I am sure that I could learn more about how others in my situation are doing were I to open up more when in the company of others and I intend to work on that. But, fact is, were I to open up and engage in more conversations, who knows, I might find other comical things to write about.

Finally and one of the main reasons why I believe I have such a hard time deciding what to write about each week is that I probably pay too much attention to what others might be saying about me be it about my daily life or what it is I write about. But you know what, my guess is that no matter what I do or write about, they will probably do it anyway – so who cares. Chances are they have no idea who I really am or what my history is and what my life has been like so far.

My guess is that I still have a lot to write about and so who cares what others might think. Reaching the age I am, realizing what is and has happened to friends and relatives this past year or two makes me want to just enjoy each day to the fullest be it writing, traveling, spending time with relatives, or just goofing off writing crazy mixed up posts such as this one has turned out to be. Hope you enjoyed it.

So don’t be that fish out of water – go out and enjoy life!


Until next time!