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For all the little children that love to read and also those that their parents read to them. Reading is learning and we need our children to continue learning so we should do all we can do to encourage them to do so at an early age.

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Hi, Everyone!

I’m having a BIG Release Day September 10, 2016 for my children’s picture book, Little Birdie Grows Up, as a Back To School Event!

I really need your help to get the word out. My PA has created this HeadTalker Campaign. If you wouldn’t mind supporting me, it will only take a moment of your time and it will mean so very much to me. Plus, it will help get the precious story of Little Birdie into the hands of more children.

And please encourage your friends to help too by Reblogging, Retweeting, and/or Sharing.

Thank you SO much!

Oh, P.S.–If you’ve never participated in a HeadTalker Campaign before, you click on the link “HeadTalker Campaign” and then show your support by clicking on either Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr, or LinkedIn. Then, on the day of the event, everyone who supported will have the post…

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What is an Expert?

How many of us that are now retired considered ourselves “experts” in our given field during our working lives. Individuals that knew their woodworking capabilities might have been called “Master Woodworkers.” Electricians may have been referred to as “Master Electricians,” and well, you get the picture.

My field was insurance underwriting and after being in the field more than thirty years soon became known as a “Master Underwriter”, in addition to eventually working myself up to Underwriting Manager.  As a matter of fact, individuals that pursue insurance as a career often find themselves obtaining their  (CPCU®) designation in order to be recognized as an expert in the property and casualty field of insurance.

As mentioned on Wikipedia:

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) is a professional designation in property-casualty insurance and risk management. The CPCU designation is held by just over 2% of all those employed in the insurance industry in the United States, and is widely considered the premier designation in the property and casualty insurance industry.
Before I go any further with this post, allow me to point out that the aforementioned designation is, in my opinion, definitely the premier designation in the property and casualty insurance industry and I am proud to be able to say that I am a CPCU. I, truthfully  believe that myself and my family would not be where we are today had I not studied the field of insurance as I did so that I could achieve that designation.
 However, seeing that I have long been removed from the everyday business of insurance underwriting, and have now been retired for twenty years, my main goal in life now is to (1) wake up so I can put my feet on the floor which means I am still on the right side of the grass, and (2) try as hard as I can to find something funny to share with those around me as often as possible.
Having said that allow me to share with you two different versions of my definition of the word expert:

The first one would be a quote from Nicholas Murray Butler

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”

The second version is my comical version of what an “expert” is:

Let’s break the word down:

Take ex or (X) – we all know that usually in many instances, when we see the letter “X” we take it to mean “nothing.”

In doing so, that leaves the second part of the word or “spurt” (pert) and for those of you that do not know what a “spurt” is –  it is a drip under pressure.  Many of you have already figured out where I am going with this – haven’t you?

Yup, in my present crazy mixed up world, anyone today holding themselves out as an “expert” is basically just a – are you ready for this: A Drip Under Pressure Who Knows Nothing!

drop, blue, water nDone in Skencil.    Under pressure   nothing

There you have it, my crazy mixed up definition of an expert and I am sticking to it!
Hope everyone has a great day.



“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” ― George Bernard Shaw

I am certain that if we all would sit down and truly look back upon past decisions, we just might find that one little mistake, that had we to do over again, we may have chosen the path less traveled. That is, if they were in fact true mistakes.

Adding a column of numbers incorrectly – that is a mistake.

Forgetting to log out of a computer program – that is a mistake.

Guys – forgetting to put the toilet seat back down when finished – that is a mistake.

Ladies – forgetting to take the grocery list with to the supermarket – that is a mistake.

What aren’t mistakes are choices/decisions made that not only affect your family but your future as well.

Check out the following scenarios:

Two opportunities –

(One) – accept a job that, while it meant less money coming in, you would continue working close to home, and staying near friends and family so, it appears to be a good decision.

(Two) – accept a job that, while it meant more money coming in, you may be working in Alaska in January, Michigan in February and might be away from home for months at a time. But it sounds appealing and challenging in spite of the possibility of being in cold country at the worst time of the year. Could be the right choice!

Downside to option #1- less money

Downside to option #2 – Never know when or where you will be

Do you ask for the approval of others? Whose life is it anyway?

No matter which option is made, if it didn’t work out, the question most of us would be sure to ask is: Was a mistake made?

Or was this just a choice/decision that had to be made and whatever happens – happens!

Fact of the matter is – we should look at it in the following manner:

If I don’t regret it, then it’s not a mistake! By the way, we chose Option #1 and no a mistake was not made. No regrets!

To See or Not To See


Witness – a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place.

When I first seen today’s “word prompt – witness”, being a fan of both detective shows as well as courtroom shows, my thoughts immediately pictured someone being placed in the witness protection program – you know those individuals – some of which only require police protection until the conclusion of a trial, or they could also be a witness who is provided with a new identity and may live out the rest of their lives under government protection.

For those of us that enjoy a good mystery or courtroom drama, that is the type scene that first comes to mind when hearing the word “witness.”  There are also witnesses to an accident or individuals that witness a signature on a legal document.

But what of life itself! One could say we witnessed what will eventually happen to all of us at one point or another in that so far this year, while we didn’t actually witness the actual death, we witnessed how life can be shortened without warning in some instances. So far this year, we witnessed (as I said, not in the literal meaning of the word) the death of a brother-in-law; sister; and cousin.

But, by the same token, we also (again – not literally) witnessed the birth and entry into our world of a new great grandson.

Life is fragile. There are so many things we need to take time to witness – the sound of birds chirping first thing in the morning; the smell of the roses on our rose bush or the lilacs we planted last year when they first bloom in spring.

We look forward to witnessing a baby’s first word hoping that it will be “mama” or “papa” whichever the case may be. Witnessing your child find his or her first Easter egg on Easter morning. Or the smile of your child unwrapping Christmas presents in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. There are so many wonderful things out there for us to witness. Witnessing our children graduate from both high school and college. Witnessing them marry and begin a family.

Witnessing what is the magic of the world itself when seeing the sunrise and/or sunset while listening to the quietness in the air all the while thinking that quite possibly, in just that one precise moment of silence, “all is right with the world.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could witness peace in our lifetime?



Obviously, I’m Confused

The Obvious

The word obvious is defined as something easily perceived or understood. Another definition would be making reference to something that is predictable and lacking in subtlety. After looking at my WordPress account, specifically the number of posts I have managed to write in the month of August, it is quite obvious to me that the Word Press word prompts have apparently re-ignited my desire to write once again.

Taking this one step further, learning how to include images pertaining to some of the things I have written sparked me even more in that I found it to be both challenging and fun, not only in my attempt to write a piece based on and pertaining to the word of the day but also to include various funny little images that sort of complimented the point I was trying to make.

However, while I must admit, it has been fun, I find myself longing for time to write other articles not necessarily linked to the daily word prompt.  So, with that thought in mind, perhaps in the future, I may just incorporate the daily word prompt into whatever article I was contemplating writing. Some days, it may just be based on the daily word prompt while others may be to tell a story, or discuss a point that may pertain to our retirement life

What is not so obvious is whether I categorize the article under the Category of “Word Prompts” or one of the other categories I tend to write about.  We shall see.


It is completely obvious to me, for instance, whenever I pass the bookcase we built to hold many old pictures sorted by name, and so forth (the intention was to eventually create photo albums while we may still know where the picture was taken as well as who is in them), that I should be taking time to complete this project.  Reason being – how shall I put this – “time waits for no man” – meaning that this is a project we should move to the top of our priority list. After all, we are not getting any younger!

 time waits for no man

Different subject – Seeing that we have introduced new dances to our line dance group when we felt it was time to do so, now that we are back to dancing, it should have been obvious that sooner or later one of our students was going to ask the question: “Are you planning on teaching us any new dances this year?”  Such a question was asked this past Tuesday and so, obviously, we will be introducing a new dance – probably beginning next week.

new line dance

Thinking of other ways to satisfy today’s word prompt was to think up quotes that have incorporated the word within them. In doing so, one of my favorite detective stories came to mind and I am referring of course to a quote from “Sherlock Holmes” as he quoted in The Hound of the Baskervilles:

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

Sherlock Holmes

 To conclude this piece because I feel like I am beginning to ramble on, let me just say this – when, if not during our retirement years, is it so obvious that we still have so much to do and so little time to do it!

Until next time!