The only problem with getting out of bed at night to write is that I do not get up as early as I would like to the next day. But, when retired, like those of us who are, “Does it really matter?”  My answer to this question is a resounding yes – it does matter! My thoughts on this subject are that we should strive to be as consistent as possible with our daily routines.

For me, having a consistent schedule allows me to function without confusion, doubt, or whatever as to what it is I need to do each day. Getting up at the same time every day, stretching, taking my morning walk, taking my morning prescriptions, etc. enables me to prepare my mind for whatever I had thought about doing that day. Some days I prepare a list before I go to bed as to what I want to accomplish the next day and other times I wait until I am having my morning coffee to make such a list. I try to make it a point to retire at the same time each night and most nights stay in bed and not get up and write.

This daily “to do” list keeps me grounded. I know exactly what I want to get done and at my age I also recognize the fact that some of it will be done while other items may get moved to the following day’s list of “To do’s.” The neat part about such a routine is that, in life, we come across what one famous person called “bumps in the road.” Having such a list enables us to – address the “bump in the road” and come back to the list another day. Most of the time the list represents things that we would like to do and in some instances, need to do …………….but………..chances are none of them are emergency type situations thus should a “bump” occur, we can easily stop everything and address the “bump.”

Do we ever complete our list of “to do’s?”  If you are like me, probably not. Some get done on the day you planned on doing them, others get moved to the next day, and some get moved so often that eventually you say to yourself – apparently this one is not that important and it gets deleted completely from the list.

Bottom line is that the list gives us a purpose and should a “bump in the road” occur, enjoy the good times you had prior to the bump – address the bump whatever it may be or if possible, walk away from the bump – do not let it get the best of you, and get on with your life.  Remember – you are in charge of your own destiny!

Until next time!

19 thoughts on “Bump In The Road

  1. I like this, Irwin. I often don’t do a list on weekends and I wake up Monday morning with a long list of things I didn’t do rattling in my brain. When my schedule moves to part-time at the end of the month, I can see how essential consistent routine will be so I can stay focused. Great advice!

    1. Thanks Molly. I haven’t forgotten your camper story, it is several thousand words long though and as a result, I am not sure how to post it here on Word Press.

  2. I love how you weaved this and shared a wonderful perspective of ‘time and to-do’s’. From my perspective, I would encourage you to always rise from sleep to write. If you are being compelled to do so… if you are feeling that ‘nudge from within’, and you follow thru, without question or expectation, … then time simply becomes an illusion. Perhaps your rising in the night, to write, is how it really is meant to be and we had it backwards all this time.

    1. Thanks Ren. I may have to give your observation a bit more thought because what I write seems to flow much better when it happens – how shall I say – unconsciously – like when I have an idea (usually right after I lie down) and get up to capture the moment. Thank you, oh, wise one! I can tell you’ve been at this writing bit longer than I have. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your consideration of exploration.
        Not sure I have been at this ‘writing thing’ longer. Perhaps I simply come from another perspective. 😀
        “Unconsciously” or are you experiencing, Channeled information. This is how many great artists/writers compose.
        Do you know of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie, The Shift? You can find it on YouTube. It starts with him being grateful to wake at 3am to write.
        Bottom line: Do what makes your heart happy and forget what others say is the right way to do things. YOU are the only one who knows what is right for you 😀 hugz

      2. I will check out that movie “The Shift” and you are right, I need to do what makes me happy. If others reading what I write like it, so much the better. If they don’t, so what? Thanks for the input. Right back at you with the hugs. 🙂

      3. You are right. Those who enjoy your writings will read and follow you. Those who don’t, won’t. How perfect! And never forget how special YOU are. 😀

  3. I’m reading this from the perspective of getting up 2 hours later than usual … because of a bump in the road that kept me awake during the night. These things definitely happen and in my case, it was a massive charly-horse that had me screaming and flailing in pain. I’m going to be moving a little slower than usual today :/

    I wouldn’t say I have a great deal of structure in my life, but what is quite consistent is the time I go to bed, get up in the morning, and the lists I make. The list is KING! 🙂

    1. Yup, to me my day seems empty without having completed a bunch of things on my “to do” list. It sort of gives you a good feeling at the end of the day that you accomplished something and did not waste any precious moment. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate hearing from those following my rants and raves. Take it easy today and I hope your leg doesn’t give you too much trouble.

  4. I like this Irwin, the to do list thing had greatly helped, back before my blump toppled me under. [just bumped into this, and it seems to get the better of me ☺]

    So this is a good reminder, or sort of a wake up call, it’s a cliche but that’ll have to be in order to sound my meaning. Think I’ll follow the tips and continue from where I left. Thanks.

      1. It’s right iglengel, had been bumped myself… seems our beam is at a balance.
        The other comments had sense my guy.
        Did wait for the reply though. Thanks.

  5. This is a lovely post, Irwin. I find that for me it’s best to get my sleep. A musician I heard interviewed on the radio said that when he got inspirations at i opportune times i.e. sleeping and driving, he’d issue a prayer to the creativity muse to save it for better times. I try to do the same.

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