With the latest shooting in San Bernandino, CA, one has to ask themselves – what has become of our great nation and how can we trust going about our business in today’s world. We trust that when we get in our car to run to the local supermarket for a few groceries that we will return home without being involved in an automobile accident. Or when our northern friends and neighbors head out during the middle of a snow storm – I am sure that they trust they will not slip on the ice nor become involved in an accident causing them bodily harm.

Another form of trust that many of us are familiar with is the trust that when we purchase a new car – we trust that the car dealer is speaking the truth when he or she tells us they are giving us the best deal possible given what it is we are seeking. We also used to think that as long as our children were in school while we were at home or at work that they were safe and would return at the end of the day full of fun stories about how their day went.

But the reality of today’s world is that deep down inside we have continually depended on the word “trust.” We have to trust that when out Christmas shopping that the person walking past us isn’t carrying a gun intending to do harm to someone else or God forbid bodily harm to us. What type of a life is that?

Times they are changing – and it is a shame too. As I write this article, deep in my subconscious, I am hoping and praying that this evening goes well without incident. Why do I say this – because this evening we are attending what has become an annual traditional event – that of attending the annual Christmas parade. We will be sitting waiting and subsequently watching this parade for a period of approximately three or more hours.

Do we not go because we fear that some person or persons may go to the parade with the intention of doing bodily harm to as many individuals as they can because they are against Christmas celebrations of any kind? Or do we continue to put our faith in our fellow human beings that such a tragic event is not in the overall scheme of things – leastways not this evening.

Unfortunately when one gets right down to it – how we move forward after this most recent incident, (shootings in San Bernandino, CA) – no matter how we cut it, will be based on trust. Trust, whether we like it or not, will become the prerequisite of how we proceed to live our lives from this day forward. As indicated in the beginning of this post, most of us operate every day on “trust” – trusting that we will be able to make it through the day without anything truly bad happening to us.

And yet, one has to ask themselves – what has become of our great nation and how can we trust going about our business in today’s world. Let’s face it, the many events that have happened since 9/11 does make one stop and think – is this going to change the way I am used to going about my day? It makes one wonder if the time has come where assumptions such as the ones we used to make will, in all probability, not be quite as valid.

While I have never been one to watch the news on TV nor read much about it in the newspaper (primarily because it is all so darned negative), that which I do see or read about, appears to me that the trust in our legislators in Washington has been on a continual decline for quite some time now. Same could be said about the distrust many Americans have of banks, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies. And let’s face it – especially for us older citizens – when we begin to distrust our government, our financial institutions, health insurance companies and drug manufacturers, we are in deep Ca Ca!

I would hate to think that it is our fate to live in a world where everyone distrusts everyone else. When one gets right down to it, – it doesn’t take much to realize that everything we do is connected to others in one way or another. It could and would be disastrous should we completely lose faith and trust in those four entities mentioned above.

I do not want to think that this world has come to the point where those remaining will only be those based on that old adage – “Survival of the fittest!”

And while nothing is as consistent as change – such is not the change I am looking nor hoping for.