Growing Old!

For whatever reason I am at a point in my life that age and the thought of aging pops in the forefront of my mind quite often. What is the definition of old anyway?

The Definition of old according to some means:

having lived for many years : not young

or the word “old” is used to talk about or ask about a person’s age

What is it about the word “old” that causes such concern today?

Actually coming from a family where most of my aunts and uncles passed before their sixtieth birthday, I never gave much thought to what it might be or even what it meant to be considered “old.” The only person I thought was old was my grandfather and that was probably because he had a beautiful head of white hair.

Although, I must admit that even though I consider myself to be part of the group known today as “old people” I have not changed any of my demeanors nor do I intend to do anything differently from the way I have been performing up to now.

For instance, one of the things I truly enjoy now that I am retired which also goes hand in hand with being old, is that I no longer need to wear a suit and tie which I had to do most of my working career. Should I want to wear shorts and sneakers with merely a T-shirt, I do so. Should I decide to go to dinner in jeans and a polo shirt – okie dokie!

With that thought in mind, now that I am old, I shall clear my closet of those clothes I no longer care to wear and will also surround myself with attire more suitable to my new position in life which is that of being retired – free to do what I wish to do when I want to do it.

Perhaps I’ll buy one last suit if for no reason than to have it hang in my closet as a reminder of days gone by. Even though said suit will merely hang in my closet, at our age, chances are that it will come in handy in the future should one of our close friends or a distant relative pass. But, on a happier note – that same suit would come in handy on formal night on our next cruise! Always gotta think ahead!

Another thought about growing old is that when we grow old we will in all probability pass our hours doing whatever pleases us. Seeing that I prefer to borrow books from the library rather than buy them, being old and retired, I can borrow whatever my limit is and should I only read half of them before the due back date – so be it! While I am not the type to do this as I usually pick up after myself on a daily basis, should I not care to tidy up on a regular basis – who cares? Although I think my honey may have a different opinion on this subject.

Also, should I care to sit at my computer into the wee hours of the morning, I can do so (I normally do not sleep more than 4 or 5 hours anyway once I retire for the evening).   It is my time and place and I can do what I want when I want.

Being one that enjoys line dancing as well as country and western music, when I grow old I shall listen to music that I love. And those of you who attend our line dance classes know that I have been known to belt out a few of the words to various line dance songs on occasion too. The lyrics to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” as well as the music to “He Drinks Tequila and She Talks Dirty in Spanish flash through my mind! There is nothing more invigorating to a line dancer than to listen to line dance music while doing chores around the house as it not only keeps us moving but keeps a smile on our face as well.

Being a “wannabe writer,” when I grow old, I will get up in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep and go to my computer and write whatever comes into my mind. With regards writing, one of the things that is cool about growing old is that old people should be allowed to write whatever we truly believe in and do so without worrying what other people think of us.

I shall write short stories, poems, essays, and memoirs whenever the mood strikes me. One of the neat things about being considered old is that I can jot my feelings down and sort of let it all hang out. With all the negative things we hear and read about today, one thing that writing does is, it lets us unload our feelings about those subjects. Feelings based on what we truly believe in! Knowing that others also have their own opinions that may not coincide with mine, I will be the first to acknowledge that in some instances, I may have to gracefully agree to disagree.

Bottom line is that once we cross that certain “age” threshold we should be able to – within reason – do what we want when we want. Isn’t growing old fun? Aren’t you glad you are part of this group of individuals? I know we are.

Until next time!



Every day I wake – I wake with the thought that today I will have an epiphany – that a light bulb will go on in my head and “walla” I will have a brilliant idea as to what to share on this blog.

Today – due to checking my Facebook page before doing anything else, my thoughts went to the political scene (because a lot of that stuff has now migrated to Facebook) but then I thought – nope – I don’t want to write about politics, too controversial. Besides the only thing that comes to my mind when I even think about the political scene is “when are the parties going to begin thinking of the American people instead of their own agenda?” So, you are in luck – I am not going down that road.

Next – again after seeing a lot of material on Facebook – I thought I might want to talk about some of the things being discussed from a religious standpoint. But here again my views in this arena tend to follow the same thought process Dolly Pardon tends to have as made known to me by a posting on Facebook where she shares some of her viewpoints on the subject. Without going into all the details or why the item was even posted on Facebook – let me just say that I agree with what was posted that ended with the following statement: As good Christians we shouldn’t be judging anyway. We’re supposed to love and accept each other. So, once again – I won’t be going down that road either.

Finally I say to myself: “Self – you love to write if only to get your thoughts on paper and share with others your rants and ramblings. What will you write about now that you are in that writing mood again?” Then the epiphany struck again – talk about something funny. We do not spend enough time laughing anymore.

There are two things in my life that really keep me upbeat – well if one throws in music – then there are three things. Laughing, dancing, and music! When I am doing any of these three things, everything else happening in the world or in my own little part of this journey called life, seem trivial. Of course I do have a lot of fun when sitting here at my computer creating posts such as this one too!

So, here is my way of getting those of you reading this to smile, laugh, or simply say that this guy has lost it. Did you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • Why are a wise man and wise guy opposites?
  • Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one?
  • If people from Poland are called “Poles”, why aren’t people from Holland called “Holes?”

And for you shoppers out there:

  • Did you ever notice how easy it is to identify people who can’t count to ten? They are the ones in front of you in the supermarket express lane. – June Henderson

And last but not least for those of you not quite tired of this line of drivel:

  • Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go. – Oscar Wilde

OK – I am leaving now!   But, I’ll be back!