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Am I Getting “Geeky” or What?

Here I stand in our back forty trying my best to determine if I want to get on with raking all this hay and stuff or if I want to take a break and share some wild and crazy facts … Continue reading

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Is This All There Is?

What is it about retirement that bothers us the most? Is it that we feel useless, bored, or that life and ourselves have become mundane? You know the days I am talking about. Those days where we say to ourselves: … Continue reading

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The Seven Acts of Man

Even though I like to consider myself a writer of sorts, if I were truthful with myself, I would come right out and say that my taking the time to put words on paper is more of a hobby than … Continue reading

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Life Can Be Complicated – Keep it Simple!

Did you ever stop and think how complex this world is?  Were we to try and figure out everything about this world of ours, we would drive ourselves crazy very quickly. This thought process applies to all levels of life … Continue reading

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Where is the Fun in That?

When Is a Test Only a Test? What does the above sentence mean? I have always been fascinated with various quotes and what they mean. Most definitions or comments pertaining to this statement have religious connotations. Seeing that my style … Continue reading

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Why and Where Does the Time Go?

As has been so evident by my absence from this blog I have been experiencing a dry spell lately. Part of the problem has been deciding how often to post. With our schedule being as crazy as it is at … Continue reading

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Not much to say other than to explain why I haven’t been posting here. First, we have been on a two week adventure without the benefit of the Internet. Second, I have been working on and finally published my second … Continue reading

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Here is my thought for today: Ever feel like inventing something – but not wanting to be famous or anything like that – the invention would have to be something completely useless or nonfunctional.  Here’s a thought – Perhaps we … Continue reading

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What is a Drabble?

  Over the summer I had two goals as they related to my writing – First was to make it a point to write 200 words a day and save same for possible editing at a later date to incorporate … Continue reading

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What is a Back Burner?

Many people say: “those who think they are doing good by ‘multi-tasking’ are really only doing many jobs or projects at one time – but not necessarily to the best of their ability.” I used to multi-task and to some … Continue reading

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