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Why and Where Does the Time Go?

As has been so evident by my absence from this blog I have been experiencing a dry spell lately. Part of the problem has been deciding how often to post. With our schedule being as crazy as it is at … Continue reading

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Not much to say other than to explain why I haven’t been posting here. First, we have been on a two week adventure without the benefit of the Internet. Second, I have been working on and finally published my second … Continue reading

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Here is my thought for today: Ever feel like inventing something – but not wanting to be famous or anything like that – the invention would have to be something completely useless or nonfunctional.  Here’s a thought – Perhaps we … Continue reading

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What is a Drabble?

  Over the summer I had two goals as they related to my writing – First was to make it a point to write 200 words a day and save same for possible editing at a later date to incorporate … Continue reading

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What is a Back Burner?

Many people say: “those who think they are doing good by ‘multi-tasking’ are really only doing many jobs or projects at one time – but not necessarily to the best of their ability.” I used to multi-task and to some … Continue reading

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Count to Ten!

How many of us remember hearing one or both of our parents use the expression “Count to Ten” whenever they got angry? Back in the day, this was supposedly the sure-fire way to cool down when one was on the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Much About Anything, But I Have An Opinion About Everything The above statement can be said about many people today not to mention those individuals with political aspirations. But, putting political aspirations aside, one thing that should … Continue reading

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Old Geezer/Old Fart!

In my quest to meet the recent challenges I set for myself with regards my writing, I decided to define what an old geezer – or in my case – an old fart is. First off – Your defines … Continue reading

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To those of you who follow my antics

Just a few words to thank those of you who take time from your busy schedules to follow some of my crazy writings – Thank you, thank you, thank you. I must admit, I still do not have the mechanics … Continue reading

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“I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing”

At times I wonder why it is I continue writing, be it for this blog, the one I contribute to at or my monthly column for our community newsletter. But no sooner does the question pop up in my mind, … Continue reading

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