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Why is it when we lie down at night to get some sleep Our mind won’t shut down so our eyes can peep And then when the magic hour arrives for us to wake A few more zzzzzzzz’s we wish … Continue reading

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“Change of Pace!”

I don’t know how long I’ve been blogging now but no matter what I read about blogging, it seems the theme is always – “Write about what you know.” That comment has always bothered me, mainly because to do that, … Continue reading

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What does “Ten” mean to you?

Ten – what does the word ten mean to you………….well it could mean we have ten fingers and ten toes. For some of us, not me though, ten could be the magic number of weeks, months, or years until we … Continue reading

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Why do we “Cling” to old habits?

Why do we cling to so many bad or maybe bad is too harsh a word – let’s say, unproductive habits. Not too long ago I read an article utilizing the following quote: “So many books, so little time.” – … Continue reading

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Pass it on!

Not sure I am doing this right but I enjoyed the following blog so much – I wanted to pass it on to others so I have cut and pasted it here on my site – probably the wrong way … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Wishing all my Word Press followers a Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year – 2017. Be well my friends.

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