Did you ever want to do something silly with words? Well, not knowing what to write about on my blog today – and being late doesn’t help either – I decided to put together a crazy post using oxymorons.

It is no open secret that if you act naturally people will think that you are as sane as they are. But are we?

As I sit here, clearly confused, trying my best to compose this post, I sit in deafening silence.

It would appear the constant variable in this whole blogging situation is that one attempts to share his or her unbiased opinion of life in general.

Take myself for instance, I am a genuine imitation of a wannabe writer.  I do my best to be seriously funny while at the same time provide readers with almost exactly what I think they might want to read.

It is the only choice I have in this tragic comedy called life and I will give you even odds there is a definite maybe this piece will be an exact estimate of what I wanted it to be.

I can tell that it is about time for me to come to a rolling stop because not only have I met my goal of writing a post, I have also accomplished my goal of writing 200 words a day.

Minor crisis avoided! The virtual reality of the situation though is I must now give thought to next week’s topic. No working holiday for me.

Until next time!


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