7 thoughts on “Living the good life

  1. I think you have done an amazing job living life to the full both in work and in retirement, I wish you lots more happy years 😊

  2. Being at a young age of 60 and unemployed since 2010, I ask myself…. why would anyone want to retire? To ‘retire’ means to become tired over and over again. What is the fun of that?
    Congrats to all your wonderful years together. You have something very special there, as most marriages have become disposable in today’s ways.
    Keep following your joy and passion and cherish your next 50+ years together. 😀 Hugz and Dolphin Grins to ya all.

    1. Thanks, we are what keeps each other going. When I am down, she is up and vice versa. Good news is we don’t have many days (a few but with a lot of time in between) where we may both be down. Baby steps and besides we both would rather be laughing than feeling miserable. Appreciate your following my antics.

  3. That was such a great post. Based on your breakout out of the word retirement, I have been doing that for years! I just wish that someone would mention it to my day job. 😉

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