Have you ever wondered what to say to those individuals that ask your opinion on how they can “Find themselves!” Okay, so we retirees do not use that phrase much anymore. I mean, come on, who are we to ask that question of. Most of us lose our identity the moment we retire. Most questions from other retirees are related to

“What do you do with all your time now that you are retired?”

Since this post relates to the word “identity and finding ourselves or something”, I am reminded of some of my former classmates that identified themselves with someone famous. Not me though, I cannot even think of an individual I might have identified myself with back when we first got married. Well, maybe Ozzie and Harriet? But not really. Although, I could see myself associated with the TV character Ralph Kramden were I a bit bigger both in height and width. But then I truthfully cannot see myself saying to Dolly –

“You’re going to the moon! Dolly!”

Although I think Dolly would have no problem repeating the lines Alice used to say to Ralph when she said:

“Ahhh, shaddap!”  

For those of you reading this that know us, can you really imagine me saying to Dolly: “One of these days, POW!!! Right in the kisser!” “BANG, ZOOM!”

Nope, after 58 plus years of marriage and three children later, my standards would be more like picturing myself as Pa Kettle.

“How are you doin Ma? Is it time to put the kettle on?”

Why do I say this, because both of us can truly be laid back and I cannot think of another couple other than Ma and Pa Kettle who are truly laid back! Well, then there are the Clampetts on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Thinking about the times we went to work related events as a couple during our working years, I can remember attending events associated with my work where someone would come up to us and say to Dolly:

“Oh, you’re Irwin’s wife.”

Before I go much further let me give you a piece of information that will make the balance of this post more understandable. Dolly’s given name is Gladys, which is the name her co-workers related to, (Dolly is her nickname).

Back to my story. I can only remember one occasion where I attended one of her (Dolly) school events (she worked in the public school system) where when I entered the room, her boss (a truly independent woman) looked at me, shook my hand and she had one strong handshake saying:

“Oh, you’re Mr. Gladys”

Yup, for that evening, I was “Mr. Gladys”.

As far as finding anything (remember the title to this post), I don’t need to find myself. The thing or things I misplace and need to find the most are my eyeglasses. We old folk just cannot change our routine one iota – if we lay them down next to our bed or on the table next to where we watch TV – that is the only place or places we should lay them down in the future. Otherwise, we are lost!

Okay, now that I found my glasses, seeing that I am way behind in posting (remember I made myself a promise that I would post weekly), I need to go find my muse!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “I Need to Find Myself or is it My Glasses?

    1. Yeah, that may have been a boo-boo cause my wife teased me about it too saying – “I thought I was your muse” – Reminds me of the old I Love Lucy show but with the roles reversed. Remember Ricky’s famous saying “You got some ‘splaining to do Lucy!” I can hear her now “You got some splaining to do Irwin!” Have a good evening.

  1. I have been retired now for 16 years and have never wondered if I have ever found myself or have ever asked anyone else if they have. Frankly, I don’t understand the question.

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