Where’s the Fun in That?

Where Does the Time Go?


It was only a few days ago that we said goodbye to February of 2017 and hello to March 2017. At the time, I asked myself where did the time go. So I decided to look at the Monthly Planner I keep open in front of me at the breakfast table to see whether those two months were wasted months or if we actually had something to show for the past time.

Truth is that we were evidently busy and active doing many things which, when I stop and think about it, is one of the reasons my wife and I feel we have been able to stay as active and for the most part as healthy as we have been all these years (I turn 77 this year and she will turn 79).


Glancing over what all was accomplished during the first 60 or so days of 2017, the first and happy event was that our son from California, visited with us for a few days.  We had a great visit and will go visit him later in the year. Plus, we will, in all probability be taking a road trip back north to PA and CT later this year to visit relatives and our oldest son who lives in CT.

We live in a small manufactured home community and as such there is a constant turnover of homes thus bringing into the community new residents. One of my wife’s pet projects is for us to host what we call a “Welcome Home” party designed to not only welcome returning “snow birds” but also those new owners (individuals that have chosen our park to spend/live their retirement years in). That event was held on January 7th 2017.

Our park is also big on group travel excursions and as such – once a year we go on an “overnight trip” where we take in dinner and a show. On the return trip we  stop, shop and/or visit a Casino. This past January we traveled to Fort Myers, Florida (a little better than 100 miles away) where we enjoyed a show similar to but not exactly like “The Phantom of the Opera,” entitled “The Phantom.” 

Another thing we do here within the community is have what we call “Casino Night” which is an event sponsored and put on by the Lions Club. If you haven’t already guessed it, you would be right if you were thinking – I bet Irwin and Dolly hosted it.  Yours truly agreed to be the host for that event and I am happy to say the evening was a great success and we raised a nice amount of money for the Lions Club. This too was in the month of January.

Casino Night Jan 2017

Towards the latter part of the month several of us went to Treasure Tavern in Orlando, Florida  (another dinner theater) where both the food and entertainment was fantastic. Well worth the money! Not to mention the fun we have with our friends and neighbors on the bus ride to and from the event.

Treasure Tavern - Orlando Jan 2017.jpg

Off course, throughout the entire month of January there was our daily line dance practice four days a week, and our normal Wednesday night game of “Mexican Train.” Plus, my wife, being the “keeper” and person responsible for maintaining, and updating our annual Park Residents Directory, had to get that put together and ready for press by the end of January so that we would have our new directories during the first week of February.

Directory a

That takes care of the month of January and shortly after the beginning of February, quite a few of us from the park went to Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel via Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s “Allure of the Seas.” Now that is one big ship – close to 6000 passengers and almost 2000 crew members. What can one say about such a cruise – 24/7 food and service. Great food, fantastic entertainment, wonderful company – just right for the perfect getaway every now and then.

Allure of the Seas Feb 5th

Okay once back home and with it being February, Dolly and I hosted the Valentine Day Dance here at our community park and fun was had by all in attendance which was close to 100 attendees. As is the case most months of the year, we also spend our time line dancing, playing Mexican Train, Social evenings once a week, pot luck supper every now and then, and several other events I am probably forgetting to mention. And oh yes, I cannot forget that I had to take a short break from all the fun and frivolities to do my taxes and get them off to the IRS.

Valentines Dance Feb 2017

Unfortunately, February was not all fun and games. Shortly after returning from the cruise, Dolly took sick with a viral infection (bronchitis or allergies or something) that laid her up for the better part of two weeks, but I am happy to say that she is better and was back in class just this morning teaching the “newbies” in our park – you know – those individuals that don’t know about line dancing but see how much fun it is and want to learn..

Cartoon Line Dancers

So, here we are in March and while it isn’t as busy a month, we are planning a short, and possibly overnight trip to see a cousin that comes to Florida to get away from the nasty northern winters.

What’s in store for us over the next few months? Well, we will continue teaching line dance (four or five days a week); will continue to go to Mexican Train Game night every Wednesday evening; attend our usual Saturday morning coffee and donuts to shoot the breeze, if you will with our friends and neighbors, more doctor appointments; a Saint Patty’s Day Dinner (and no, before you ask, we are not hosting this one); and finally, last minute odd jobs around the house so that it is in tip-top shape should we decide to run away and do who knows what over the summer! One never knows with us!


Until Next Time!

What’s the Word?


I would like to say that it has been hard for me to compose any type of article recently, be it for this site or my other writing website due to our nation’s current state of affairs, but truth be told, when it comes to the news and certain other items, I am like the ostrich that buries his or her head in the sand.

We all know that this metaphor is an untrue statement. The reality of the saying is that the person is ignoring obvious facts or refusing to accept advice, hoping that simply denying the existence of a problem will make it go away. Our nation’s current state of affairs is not going to go away. And to be quite frank, nothing I am going to do during the year 2017 or the next four years is going to change that.

But that is not to say that we as individuals (specifically senior citizen retirees) should just “bury our head in the sand” and ignore the fact that while we may not like where the country is heading, we still have a lot of living to do. As a matter of fact, even though we are now past the mid-point of February, it is early enough in the year that I am still considering what one might call my list of resolutions and good intentions. I just prefer to identify with them in a different manner.

Years ago I was involved with a group that chose a “given” word as the word they would most like to – how shall I say this – pursue throughout the upcoming year as their word of the year.  Words like – Accept, Connect, Pursue, come to mind as they all relate to things we do in our everyday lives as seniors enjoying our current lifestyles. There are many things we tend to accept (case in point – our current state of affairs when it comes to our nation), connect (not getting any younger, many of us plan to connect or quite possibly re-connect with both friends/  relatives while we still can), and pursue, meaning we will start that diet, begin an exercise program, and so forth and so on.

But for the year 2017, choosing a word of the year, leastways for me, is similar to making New Year’s resolutions. And I usually shy away from making them because I never follow through with them anyway. And while I do sit down, pencil in hand at the beginning of each new year and vow to eat less (or eat healthier food), walk at least 30 minutes a day a minimum of five days a week, clean out my office, clean out our storage room, and so forth, the one thing that keeps coming to mind as I think of these words is that, hey – I am still “a work in progress!” Nothing is set in stone and if thinking of a word will help me accomplish that which I still hope to do – why not?

Having figured that out, the word I am choosing for 2017 as my “Word of the year” is Achieve. Achieve means to successfully bring about or reach a desired objective, level, or result by effort, skill, or courage. Why bother having a list of New Year resolutions when thinking about one word can work subconsciously as I think of it each time I begin to eat, exercise, clean or whatever happens to be on my plate for any given day.

For instance, passing up having that donut when I go to Saturday morning coffee and donuts will show that I am achieving my objective of eating less or at least not eating something filled with sugar and too many calories.

In addition to our line dancing four days a week, by making it a point to go for my morning walks which, by the way is an excellent way to start your day as it makes everything seem so much clearer as to what must be accomplished, I will be achieving my objective of exercising more, thus staying physically fit.

The challenge, if there is one in this whole scenario, is making the time in our busy lives to do the other things I want to achieve in 2017, i.e., the cleaning up of the office, storage area, and other “need to be done” items that aren’t at the top of my “to do” list but should be.  So, therein lies my challenge for 2017 and while some may say at age 76 looking forward to turning 77 later this year, why is this of such a concern to you – fact is, it is thinking and planning like this as to what we intend to do with our time is what, in my humble opinion, keeps us going.

Fact is, if it weren’t for my having these things bug me when I let them slide, I could probably become a couch potato and my guess is that I would eventually look like a “rolly polly” old fart that didn’t know the first thing about keeping himself in shape and eventually my health would deteriorate, I would become depressed, and who would write these posts making sure I keep you all on your toes as well. So, with that confession in hand, I guess I had best get to work and not only draft a schedule of things I need to do – but will also include a schedule outlining times for me to sit down and write (one of my most favorite times of any day).

Oh, by the way, should anyone have something they would like me to either comment on or write about, please feel free to share your thoughts with me and I will do my best to see what I can do. Until next time!

“Time Waits For No Man!”

Just when I thought I was done posting for the year 2016, something else popped into my head. Allow me to share with you what popped into my head around 4 or 4:30 AM this morning.


Woke about thirty minutes ago and, well, what can I say – once my mind starts – it just doesn’t want to turn back off. So, rather than lie in bed just thinking about things I might want to write about, I decided to get up and get them on paper. Several quotes ran through my head – first one being the following:

“Time waits for no man!” At the moment I cannot remember who coined this quote (I will probably look it up on Google before I am done with this writing) but as I thought about 2016 and the fact that in two days it will be over and we get to start a new year – 2017 – I also started planning in my head what it is I would like to accomplish in the new year.

Why now, because – the loss of many relatives and friends in 2016 makes one realize that life is shorter than we think. I have things I would still like to do before leaving this earth and hence I intend to pay attention to that quote above – time isn’t going to wait for me – if there is something I want to do and I am both physically and mentally able – barring the fact that it isn’t financially impossible – dad gum it – I hope to do it. To quote yet another favorite person of mine, namely Larry the Cable Guy – “Git R Done!”

As mentioned there were several quotes rushing through my head as I lie there deciding if I wanted to get up at such a weird hour (at the time it was a little after 4 AM) and another one was an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that goes like this: “We Grow Too Soon Oldt and Too Late Schmart!” (forgive the spelling as it makes it more interesting and comical).

When I think of things I would like to do yet in this lifetime, I remind myself that I am no “spring chicken” anymore but then that brings to mind yet another thought that tends to pop in our heads as we go through this aging process and that is “If I knew back then what I know now – just think of where I might be today!”

Problem is we are here right now and we have acquired (hopefully) a bit of knowledge over the years and that knowledge has proven to provide us with a comfortable life (not rich by any means but not living on the streets either) and so we are quite thankful we have what we have.

Fortunately we are both still physically and mentally fit and as such hope to do some more wild and crazy things while we still can. If not now – when? A brand new year is right around the corner which can mean new beginnings.

Getting old and slowing down doesn’t have to mean it’s time to sit on the couch chomping on Cheetos and watching the boob tube. It merely means we now have the time to seek out and do things we may have only dreamed about doing in our younger, more carefree years.

But before I move on with this train of thought – allow me to say that I will be the first one to realize the fact that not all of us are physically fit or for that matter, financially able to do many of the “dreams” I make mention of. I can think of quite a few that are or would be on my so-called “bucket list” were I to have one, but fact of the matter is I am also the realist in that I know that there are quite a few things I would like to do that I know I cannot do due to the age I am, as well as our present financial situation.

But, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming – after all, what better way to cope with all the craziness in the world today than to dream up things we would like to do knowing some might be possible while others are probably “pie-in-the-sky dreams. I think it was Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it – you can do it!”

Well, I for one hope to go into the year 2017 with the thought that if I can dream it and  going on the assumption that I am physically, mentally, and financially able to do so – by gum I may just attempt to do it. Keep in mind the fact that this blog is referred to as a place where an old fart rants and raves. I am merely ranting and raving in my wild and crazy manner. It keeps me sane!

Until next time!

P.S. Seeing that this may be my last post for 2016 –

the world

Happy New Year!

Be talking at you in the new year and hope to share many more posts with you in the future.

Fish Out of Water!

Every week I have a hard time deciding what it is I want to write about. The things I like writing about are philosophical quotes and/or anything funny that will make me laugh – well you too, but hey if it doesn’t make me laugh, it probably won’t make you laugh either and where’s the fun in that?

Lately I have been – how shall I put it – coming up dry. Or to put it another way and my sneaky way of writing an article and engaging today’s one-word prompt – “fish” – I feel like a fish out of water.


Here’s the thing – I very seldom look to the news as a source to get my creative juices flowing so as to provide me with something funny to write about because – well, let’s face it, there isn’t much to laugh about today when it comes to the news. If it isn’t some nature made catastrophe (earthquake in New Zealand), riots on the streets, property being burned and destroyed, or film showing some innocent citizen being beat to a pulp, well, it isn’t news, and that’s just sad..

Perish the thought we should wake up one morning, turn on the television, computer, tablet, iphone, smart phone, or pick up the newspaper and see/or read something comical – you know something that causes us to just bowl over laughing. Call me crazy, but


personally I just love to wake up and after turning on my smart phone (Sorry Apple but I am an Android user) read something wild and crazy or comical and the funnier or wilder, the better I like it.

It just puts me in a fun frame of mind and well, ready to tackle just about everything. So, now that I got your attention – I think today’s wild and crazy post will be about aging (we are old but we are not dead ……yet!).

How should we spend our twilight years? Well, I for one do not go for that theory that we should leave all our money to our children. (besides – what can they buy for $1.98).


Nope, we are going to both use it and enjoy it – lookout cruises – here we come.

How can we do that – well, one thing we have to keep in mind is if we want to travel (one of our favorite past times), we have to be healthy. So, we will make it a point to do some moderate exercises (at the moment we are line dancing four days a week for at least one hour each day). Combined with shopping (spending money), we tend to average between 5000 – 6000 steps a day.

Seeing that I do not intend to take it with me, when we do spend money, we will buy the better product – after all, we want something that will last as long as we do. Thus we will begin to look at quality instead of quantity.

One of the things I have tried very hard to do since 2005 (the year after I had some serious health issues) is to not stress over the small things in life.


We have so much we have to put up with in our lives today – no sense in adding more stress to those days. I am sure that those of you reading this will agree, we all have both good and bad memories -but the one thing that is most important is “the here and now!” How we feel each day when we wake is what will keep us going and I try my best each morning to think positively and only for what is happening today.

Earlier I complained about the news and the fact that what tends to be reported repeatedly is bad news – well we cannot control that – but we cannot bury our heads in the sand either. We need to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world today. Stay socially active. I, for one, while I may not like what is happening in the world today, try my best to stay tuned in to what is happening because keeping in touch with reality and with people we know and love is also part of what keeps us going.

There is a lot of talk today about aging, senior citizens and so forth.


Truth be told though, had it not been for people our age, we might not be where we are in the world today. Oh, I am sure the younger generation has quite a few ideas that are different from yours or mine but the fact is that believe it or not – they are the future. It is their ideas, skills, and will power that will take this world of ours in the direction of their choosing. And that may not be a bad thing. What we need to do is listen to them and their ideas and provide advice where needed instead of criticism. After all it was the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors that got us to where we are today – shouldn’t we return the favor?

One of my biggest drawbacks (other than being somewhat of an introvert) is that of not being a conversationalist. I am sure that I could learn more about how others in my situation are doing were I to open up more when in the company of others and I intend to work on that. But, fact is, were I to open up and engage in more conversations, who knows, I might find other comical things to write about.

Finally and one of the main reasons why I believe I have such a hard time deciding what to write about each week is that I probably pay too much attention to what others might be saying about me be it about my daily life or what it is I write about. But you know what, my guess is that no matter what I do or write about, they will probably do it anyway – so who cares. Chances are they have no idea who I really am or what my history is and what my life has been like so far.

My guess is that I still have a lot to write about and so who cares what others might think. Reaching the age I am, realizing what is and has happened to friends and relatives this past year or two makes me want to just enjoy each day to the fullest be it writing, traveling, spending time with relatives, or just goofing off writing crazy mixed up posts such as this one has turned out to be. Hope you enjoyed it.

So don’t be that fish out of water – go out and enjoy life!


Until next time!


Who Am I?


What is transformation other than:

  • a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.

When one thinks of it – do we not all transform several times during our lives. From toddler to child, from child to teenager, from teenager to young adult, from young adult to responsible adult, from responsible adult to husband and father, from husband and father to retiree, from retiree to one that is free to further transform into anything he or she truly wishes to become.

“Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.” – Unknown

Bottom line is that we all have the ability from early on to transform ourselves into that which we set our minds out to be.

Look at me – been through all the steps mentioned above including having been retired twenty years now. Problem is that I still find myself attempting to transform myself – not that I know who or what I want to transform myself into!

instructor question

Until next time!