Bridge to the Future

As many of you know, I indicated in a prior post that I was not going to succumb to the ritual of trying to write a post every day when we learn of Word Press’s – daily word prompt. That still holds true….but….

When I seen what today’s word was, namely “Bridge”, having just read a rather weird article that included a picture of the Manhattan Bridge pictured as it may be used in the future with regards how we deal with our dead bodies, and being the wild and crazy guy I am – well, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this with y’all.


How many of us actually give any thought to what is to become of us when we die. I know there are those of us that wish to be buried, some wish to be cremated, and even yet others want to be frozen beforehand so that if a cure is found that will cure a “terminal illness” they presently suffer from, they would like to be unfrozen so that they can receive the cure.

That basically describes several ways to exit this earth after we have passed. And then there is always the question: But, won’t we run out of land?

Well, apparently there are people much smarter than I thinking about this (The actual idea is the brainchild of the DeathLab, a trans-disciplinary research and design space at Columbia University.)  Recently Atlas Obscura published a story related to what we might consider doing with our dead when they die. And yes, for the purposes of their article – it involved a bridge.

I must admit that I truly haven’t given much thought to the matter. That being said though, after seeing the picture of the Manhattan Bridge used as an example of their new concept for dealing what to do with our bodies after we pass – you can be sure the thought will stay with me – least ways for a little while.

Seeing that I am still learning what I can and cannot post here on this site, let me just say that if you google the words Atlas Obscura along with words about future death, you will come across the article and can read more about this concept.

For now though, I am still thinking about the living and the only bridge I want to gap is the bridge between now and Halloween.


Until next time!

Who Am I?


What is transformation other than:

  • a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.

When one thinks of it – do we not all transform several times during our lives. From toddler to child, from child to teenager, from teenager to young adult, from young adult to responsible adult, from responsible adult to husband and father, from husband and father to retiree, from retiree to one that is free to further transform into anything he or she truly wishes to become.

“Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.” – Unknown

Bottom line is that we all have the ability from early on to transform ourselves into that which we set our minds out to be.

Look at me – been through all the steps mentioned above including having been retired twenty years now. Problem is that I still find myself attempting to transform myself – not that I know who or what I want to transform myself into!

instructor question

Until next time!


Ageing Gracefully

Why is it that as we age we have to do it gracefully.

I mean really – let’s face it – how many of us by the time we reach age 95 or 100 are going to be as fit as a fiddle, still maintain good posture, and look healthy?

My thoughts are that as I get older, I will probably fall apart at the seams.

But then – that is my choice and it will be me that says:  “Yes, I am old but what a ride it has been!


Until next time!

It’s All in the Interpretation!

Today’s word prompt can be viewed in one of two ways:

The first would be: any face of a building given special architectural treatment such as that which is shown below.


The second would be: A way of behaving or appearing that gives other people a false idea of your true feelings or situation.

For instance: Looking at the picture below, one might envision two different thoughts:


The pessimist side of a person might look at this picture and think – “Hmmm, a cracked egg!”

While, the optimist might also look at this picture and think – “ H’mmm, new life!”

In today’s world, we should not put on any facades – be who you are – it is one sure way of knowing who your friends truly are because by not putting on any facades, those around you know that when in your company – “What you see is what you get!”


Until next time!

What is Silence?

Don’t ever mistake

my silence for ignorance,

my calmness of acceptance,

or my kindness for weakness.”


To me, silence is that quiet time on a Sunday morning when we have no place to go and I can wake up early before the sunrise, make a cup of coffee, retire to the front of the house where I can sit in both solitude and silence watching the day begin. No traffic, no noisy trash trucks, no lawnmowers – just me and my cup of coffee.

Now that is silence!