One never knows what time of day a thought or two will enter this rattle-brained mind of mine giving me the urge to write something for this here blog site. Sometimes it is in the morning, sometimes in the evening and there have been times when the idea pops into my head shortly after I retire for the evening. But whenever it is, you can be sure that I may just incorporate the idea or ideas into a future blog post. This week’s blog post is the result of listening to two of my favorite country artists, namely Willie Nelson and Ray Stevens.

Lately, I have been trying to wean myself off listening to or even watching the news. As a matter of fact, I just recently deleted an app entitled “Smart News” from my cell phone because the only news it wants to share with me is the war in Ukraine; children taking guns to school threatening to kill fellow students; members of both political parties bad mouthing each other; negative, negative, negative!!! It is a shame that our news media – be it television, the internet, or newspapers only think negative type news items are what is needed to sell newspapers or boost the ratings of television shows.

Over the years I have learned that it is better to laugh than cry and/or worry about certain things and by certain things – I am talking about things beyond my control. I prefer to get by, if you will, by reading funny stuff and/or listening to wild and crazy music which you will soon understand by the two songs I have decided to write about this week. One of the songs was written back in 2015 and is sung by Willie Nelson which merely goes to show how long it’s been since people thought we humans – began – how shall I put this delicately – goofing up.

The other song was written in 1984, is sung by Ray Stevens and really tickles my funny bone especially if you try to put yourself into the song (by that I mean picture yourself in the church watching all this comedic mayhem unfold).

Well, after listening to, watching, and reading the various news items crossing the airwaves today, Willie’s song entitled: “It’s All Going to Pot” comes to mind. But then wanting to think happy thoughts and smile, Ray’s song entitled “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” also comes to mind.

Its All Going to Pot

Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens

You determine which song gets you laughing and thinking positive. Me, as much as I love Willie Nelson, I opt for Ray Stevens.

Have a good day! Y’all come back now, ya hear!

3 thoughts on “Willie or Ray – You be the Judge!

  1. Willie Nelson is one of my favourites too but, in this instance, I will go with your choice.

    Apart from that, I am at that stage of my life when, other than the deaths of friends and relatives, there is little that causes me to cry. Even there, in most cases, the hearing of the news usually takes me on nostalgia trips and I remember many good things to laugh about.

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