Looks as though I missed posting again on Sunday – and if I were making excuses, which I am not, let me just say that “Life” happened although it seems as though our days are spent visiting doctors (just usual check-ups), getting groceries in or picking up prescriptions. Ah, the life of an octogenarian!

What can I say – we know we are getting old when:

Even if you’re sure your butt won’t fit, you should at least try to go down the playground slide one more time when you pass a playground.

I’ve learned that squirrels make good listeners, especially if you’ve got nuts in your pockets.

At our age, when making friends, we try to make funny friends because they’ll keep us giggling.

While we haven’t taken many trips since the pandemic began – we have learned from past experiences that we know it was a really fun adventure due to our forgetting to take pictures.

At our age, even though we try to stay health conscious, we constantly count our blessings, not our calories,

For you ladies out there reading my silliness, you know you’re having fun if there are sequins on your floor after you get dressed.

At our age, a full calendar is not a good measure for a full life.

Well, I see by the clock on the wall it is almost time to gather what we need to make a run to the doctor (again – just a follow-up routine visit), and then stop for some groceries while out running around. But before I go, allow me to end this week’s post with yet another sign we are getting old –

Time really does fly. One day you’re graduating high school, the next you have been reincarnated as a tree sloth.

Is that me I see staring?

Y’all have a nice day.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “A Day Late & A Dollar Short!

  1. Some other reminders about our age; Rather older people call you Uncle. (This is an Indian phenomenon.). Gentle people give way or open doors for you. Your children and grandchildren avoid talking near you lest you misunderstand their current vocabulary. Your fingerprints don’t match what was originally on your ID cards.

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