OOPS!!! – Shame on me, I missed my Sunday deadline and thought I was doing so good. To use a bit of western slang when explaining myself to ya’all, let me just say that even though I promised I would post weekly – apparently all I did was to give you all ‘a lick and a promise’ (to do haphazardly) that I would be true to my word.

When it gets right down to it, I really didn’t mean to ‘beat the devil around the stump’ (to evade responsibility or a difficult task) as that little thing called life got in my way.  You know what I mean – our usual ordinary lives that include family, friendship, doctor appointments, and so forth. In addition, my muse abruptly left me. Each time I wanted to sit down and write, something else around the house that needed attention popped into my head. Who am I kidding – we all know that “Any excuse is better than no excuse” but truth be told, I have no real excuse.

Now I could pretend that I wasn’t to blame or be a ‘flannel mouth individual’ (an overly smooth or fancy talker) but that is not my style.

Nope, truth be told, we just had a busy week both last week and that business extended into this week and well, I dropped the ball (football jargon there).

So, when I received an email from one of my friends that follow my blog expressing his concern, I thought to myself I had better ‘pony up (hurry up) and get these fingers working on a post y’all might enjoy.

And seeing that I used Western Slang as the title to this week’s post before you all get to wondering – the answer is NO – I was not off somewhere ‘bending an elbow’ (having a drink) and thus was not on a ‘Bender” (drunk).

Fact of the matter is I was just ‘played out’ (exhausted). And rather than ‘shootin my mouth off (talk nonsense, or untruth) I thought I had better fess up and tell you the reason there was no post.

I could ‘kick up a row’ (create a disturbance) and be a mean ‘Rip’ (reprobate) or ‘skedaddle’ (run like *@#$%) but that is not my style.

I guess the above lingo is what rubbed off me during the four years we lived in Arizona back in the seventies.

Okay, so much for me and my feeble attempt to excuse myself for missing my weekly posting deadline. I dood it and I bad! Seeing that I usually attempt to write something funny for you to think about and chuckle about, allow me to end this post doing something a bit different. What follows is known as a Drabble. For your information, drabbles are short stories written with only 100 words – not 99 nor 101 – but 100. It is called:

Master, where are you?

He walked into the room, eyes searching, looking around, both high and low as though searching for clues to some dark secret mystery. It was here just yesterday – where could it have gone? Who could have possibly moved it and why? Everyone has a muse or something that provides inspiration. How else do we find purpose in setting at the desk, pen in hand, or fingers poised above the keyboard ready to share the knowledge accumulated. What was it he used to say to me:

“Always pass on what you have learned!”

Master, where are you?

Okay folks, I hope that explains my absence. By finishing and posting this post today I see I have three days to find my muse and create a post for the 17th of this month. Hope you enjoyed this week’s or should I say last week’s post. To end this with yet another piece of Western Slang, let me just say that what you have just read is ‘The whole kit and caboodle’ (the entire thing).

Stay safe, stay well, and most of all, be happy!

Until next time!

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