The older I get, the faster it seems that our days go by. We are accustomed to getting out of bed at 6 am each morning to go about our daily routines. Such routines consist of making the bed, stretching, preparing breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen and then making a list of what we hope to accomplish before day’s end. In many instances, I get at least 50 percent of them if not more completed. But then there are days, that I only check off three or four items by day’s end.

Part of the reason for this is that I tend to allow my mind to wander towards other things – things like creating a post for this blog site, researching material for either a future post or the possibility of yet another book. I now have three eBooks to my credit – and lately I have been thinking about a fourth. Whether or not I will write it has yet to be determined.

Where does my mind go when it strays away from the tasks at hand? Well, I am constantly thinking of wild and crazy things to post on Lakeland Musings by Irwin. Seeing that I post weekly, and my posting date is usually Sundays, I should devote a specific amount of time each day from Monday through Friday, allowing Saturday as the day to correlate/edit the material so that I can post the final edited version first thing on Sunday morning. But alas, even though we are retired, our days tend to be filled with many odds and end type jobs and before we know it, we are staring at each other saying: “Where did the time go? Is it really time for dinner or is it really time to go to bed?” Who said retirees lead boring lives!

Yesterday a few things popped into my head that has me puzzled and knowing me, that puzzlement led me to think that – “Hey, this would be good stuff for my blog site”. So, allow me to share some of my wild and crazy thoughts that will make up the majority of this week’s blog posting.

At times I let my mind wander off and it takes me to strange places. For instance, just sitting and staring at the lake yesterday, I got to thinking – “if you absent-mindedly swallowed some food coloring, do you feel like you dyed a little inside?”  Or, thinking about names of individuals and what funny things I could write about them, I got to thinking – If David would lose his ID, would he just be Dav?   

And then my mind wandered to the subject of a chapter in my recent book which was a pencil. By now you are thinking what wild and crazy thing one could possibly write about a pencil – well, here’s the thing – “writing with a dull pencil is pointless.” I know, I need to get better material.

Another of my tasks around the house is to see that when one can of soda or protein shake is removed from the refrigerator, a warm one takes it place so that we always have cold soda and/or protein shake available to us. Well, to show that there is always something around the house that could prove to be fodder for my posts, as I was making the switch between warm and cold sodas yesterday, the following thought rushed through my head. The drink I was switching out was A&W Root Beer. As I was placing a warm can of A&W Root Beer into the spot that held the ice cold can I was having with my lunch, I got to thinking – “If you put root beer in a square glass – is it just beer then?” See what I mean, I cannot help myself and it seems to happen just before it is time to post.

Oh, let me back up here a minute. How far you ask? Well, all the way to when I stepped out of the shower and started to towel off. As I stepped out of the shower, yet another wild and crazy thought crossed my mind. It dawned on me that I had just discovered what the leading cause of dry skin was.  Towels!

Seeing that today is Sunday, here is yet another wild and crazy thought: “The goal of Sunday is to leave my home as little as possible.” While I could probably come up with a few more wild and crazy words of wisdom, I must leave some things for next week’s blog otherwise I won’t have anything to write about.

Having said that, I have but one more wild and crazy thought and that is:

To the guy who invented Zero: Thanks for nothing.

Stay safe, stay well, and most of all – stay happy!

Until next time! 

2 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. You are perfectly normal. These thoughts are more or less similar to or akin to what I experience every day. I just have a ball and don’t worry about them. When an idea strikes me, I immediately send myself an email from my cell phone so that when I boot up the computer that idea can be translated into a blog post.

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