Yee Haw

What is it about dancing and listening to music that makes one forget all the nonsense that seems to bother us in our everyday lives? We went to a “Sock Hop” the other evening and while the music being played was music from the 50s & 60s, we got up and did a few of our line dance routines to the music being played. One of the things we do with regards our dancing is to let others know that one does not have to wait for a certain “line dance song” to be played to get up and line dance.

For instance, one of our favorites is to dance to an oldie (I mean real oldie) entitled “In the Mood”, a favorite Glenn Miller piece but the line dance we do to this music is entitled “Come Dance With Me”. We didn’t line dance to this song because (1) the DJ didn’t play it but more importantly, (2) because not having danced since March of 2020, I doubt seriously we could have made it through the entire dance. It starts out slow but for those of you that remember the song, know it picks up the beat and goes on and on and on. Baby steps, baby steps.

And away we go

However, we were able to get up and line dance to “Neon Moon” and another oldie entitled “Slappin’ Leather”. Bottom line is that we were able to remember the dance steps to a few of our old favorites. We also were able to slow dance to a couple of songs we consider our favorites (Back to the Fifties and In the Still of the Night). Age reared its head though when the Beer Barrel Polka came on. We did get to Polka but by the time the song was over, this old man needed to sit down and sit out the next two songs.

It was our first time truly socializing since we moved to our new community, and it was rather enjoyable. Both of us enjoy line dancing and it is a great way to get our daily exercise especially since it is so hot outside right now.  So, I guess we will have to practice our line dances which will be a good thing as we were finding it a bit hard to reach our daily step count each day. We can reach it when I take the time to chase Dolly around the house but being the age I am, once I catch her, I must stop and ask, “Now what was I chasing you for”?

Well, that’s about it for this week. Didn’t have any fabulous funnies to share with you although the above paragraph quite possibly brought a smile to your face. Stay safe and stay well.

Until next time!

One thought on “Time to Start Dancing Again

  1. I used to enjoy dancing as did my late wife. Both of us even taught many youngsters how to. We had to stop after my hips gave way, had to be replaced and revised twice each.

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