Irony in the rain!

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy.”  –  Oscar Wilde

Most of us realize that life never really goes as we think it should. On days we think it will be bad it is good and on days we think it will be good life can be bad.

Think about it for a minute. Remember back to when you went to work every day, day in and day out. You performed your duties to the best of your abilities because you knew if you performed well, hopefully you would be rewarded with that raise you had been looking for. The day of your annual review comes, and you are pleased to hear that you got the raise. You cannot wait to get home so you can tell your wife the good news. As you tell her, you notice that she is not smiling but instead is trying not to show you the letter she just finished reading. The letter that says your rent has been increased.

Or, and this thing actually happened to me. You have been trying for months to get switched from working nights at your factory to days and an opening becomes available, but you get passed over …again! So, you begin looking for another job. As luck would have it, you are able to find a daytime job, but you really do not want to leave the job you are at. So, you accept the daytime job but keep your nighttime job. At last, an opening comes available and once again you ask your boss to be switched from nights to days only to be turned down again. What do you do?  Do you quit and stay with the factory that offered you days (I mean let’s face it – 80-hour weeks can be brutal no matter how young you are). But there is another catch, and the story doesn’t end there. One of the requirements of this new job was that you had to join the union (your job where you worked nights was a non-union shop), just what you need – another expense!  But you know you cannot work 80 hour weeks for much longer and so you come up with the dues, join the union, and quit your night job. One week later you are laid off. 

Does one look at this as a comical event in life or a dreadful event? Is it laughable or ridiculous? Comic irony or an appalling situation? It then falls on you to choose between whether this was merely comic irony or an appalling situation. Life itself supplies the irony; it then falls on us to decide how we are going to deal with it. Preferably as a comical situation.

What it all boils down to is just this – we, ourselves, must try our best to see the humor in things that do not work. We all see things from a different point of view. The world is absurd, we need to step back and find the comic in the absurd. I mean, really, all we need to do is look for “crazy news” in today’s newspapers or on the boob tube. Then as we go through our day, we need to stop and see if we can find some incident that happened in which the relationship of what was intended and that which resulted created some irony. What do we do then?  Seek out the absurdity of the relationship and if you can laugh about it?

For instance, picture this scenario – you are sitting in on a meeting of an organization known as “The National Planning Association.” Just before the end of the meeting, the chairman of the meeting announces that they were not sure where their next year’s convention will be.

Or here is one about books – ever notice how many books there are in bookstores? You can find everything from mysteries, sci-fi; young adult; westerns; romance books, and so forth. Not to mention the numerous cookbooks with just about the same amount being diet books. See the irony here – one tells you how to prepare food and the other how not to eat it.

Bottom line is just this: “A little craziness once in a while prevents permanent brain damage.

Let me end this week’s post by saying:  

Sometimes I lie awake and ask myself “Where have I gone wrong?” Then a voice says to me: “This is going to take more than one night!”

Until next time!

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