Good morning all:

What shall I ponder or muse about this week? Hmmm! Okay, let’s have a little fun using automobile insurance as the topic of discussion. I have been in the process of weeding out old paperwork and the like trying to get rid of all that unwanted baggage we humans seem to think we cannot live without. As a result, while going through the reams of paperwork I have saved over the years, I came across this letter to an insurance policy about an accident. Well, it’s not really a true letter to an insurance company. You know me – my posts, for the most part are created to elicit a smile, chuckle, or if I am lucky, get you rolling on the floor laughing your you know what off. In any case, my posts are designed to take your mind off whatever is troubling you, at least for a small moment in time. With that thought in mind, let me remind you that what follows is all in jest. Hope this gets you smiling or even laughing and in the mood for the weekend that will soon be upon us. Can you believe tomorrow is the first of May already. Here goes:

From: 1234 Screwball Place

Hollywood, California

To: Protectem and Savem Casualty Company

      123456 Wilshire Boulevard

      Los Angeles, California (probably written before ZIP Codes as there was none)

Dear Sir:

I can’t find my insurance policy, but had this little card with your company’s name, and I thought I had better write to you and give you some information about an accident that I had with my car a couple of weeks or so ago. I did not think at the time that I was at fault and didn’t think much would come of it as there were five people in my car to testify for me and only four in the other car, so we have one more witness than they do. This other car was driving ahead of me and it was about midnight, raining awful hard, and all at once he stopped real short to keep from hitting a kid on a bicycle, and I ran smack into the back of his car.

I don’t know how I could have been expected to see that this car ahead was stopping as the lights on my old 1941 car are real dim, and my brakes could be better. If I have time to pump the brake pedal a few times she stops pretty good though. Another thing, the windshield is kinda yellow and has about a million little cracks in it that makes it kinda tough to see out at night, so all a Court would have to do is look at my car, and they’d know in a minute that the other car should have signaled so I could have more time to stop.

Another thing, a lawyer for one of the passengers in the other car called me twice saying they had traced me by my license number. I know that no one saw the accident happen except this one lady passenger in the other car, because the other three people were all unconscious when I went up and looked in. This lady claims to have gotten my license number while she was laying out in the road (she was thrown out of the car) but I know she was in no shape to know what she was doing because according to the lawyer, she had a fractured skull and a brain concussion, so her testimony wouldn’t hold up in Court.

What I want you to do is to get an estimate of my damage right away and see if you can collect from the other driver. He ought to be good for it, he had a 1967 Cadillac. Or if he don’t pay, then we ought to find that darned kid on the bike and sue him.

Oh say, a couple of the boys in my car claim they haven’t been able to go to work on account of they cracked their heads on the windshield. It’s good enough for them because they had been yelling like Indians to get out of the car a few minutes before the accident. They seemed to think that I wasn’t in shape to drive just because we had a few beers while fishing. We only had two cases among the five of us so I couldn’t have been so bad.

I thought I would save you some trouble and that’s why I’ve been telling the cops and the lawyer that I didn’t have any insurance, but I guess you had better take over now. I’m sure glad you folks insisted on raising the limits of my policy to a hundred thousand. When I told the lawyer that, he said he wouldn’t bother me anymore.

Yours truly


And they walk among us!

Stay safe my friends and keep smiling – one day at a time, one day at a time! Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Feeling Kinda Wild and Wacky Today

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Small world isn’t it? My career was in Property & Casualty Insurance. I had a total of 33 years in the industry with some of those years being a rater, some as an agent and the last 25 years in underwriting for CIGNA Property & Casualty insurance for 25 years during my 33 years in the industry..

      1. My first official employment with a proper appointment letter was way back in 1961 when I had turned 18 and was employable. It was with a Public Sector General Insurance Company as an Inspector. I quit that after a year and a half to move to another city to be with my girl friend and joined a Private Sector General Insurance Company again as an Inspector. In both jobs, I had to recruit agents on commission and supervise their work as well as conduct minor surveys when accidents took place or accompany senior surveyors on their surveys. I quit in 1965 to go to Business School and since then have only been an Insured.

      2. I started rating policies back in 1964 or 1965. From there I moved into personal lines underwriting. After a few years doing that, I left that company to become a commercial lines (Property & Casualty) underwriter. Years later I began my schooling to become a CPCU, and other professional designations. Years later I left the company ranks to become a licensed property and casualty insurance agent as well as a real estate agent. Four years afterwards I returned to Florida (those 4 years were in AZ), rejoined the company, and continued my studies working my way up the ladder, so to speak, to become Underwriting Manager prior to retiring in 1996 after spending 33 years in the industry. It has been a good life.

  1. Oops – don’t talk to someone while writing. That last sentence was to end at the word insurance. But I’m sure you understand where I was coming from. Never thought I would have made a good life for my wife and family in insurance but it did and I am so glad and thankful that I stayed in the industry. Have a great day my friend.

    1. Fascinating. Both of us studied while working and had not only acquired qualifications but, also built successful careers and lives. The difference is that you stayed in the same speciality while I moved on to Textiles in 1967 and stayed there till I retired.

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