Being the wild and crazy person I am, at two o’clock in the morning I get to thinking about various things to write about in this week’s post. Why is it, we old folk, who are supposed to do our best to get eight if not nine hours of sleep every night, come up with the brilliant things we want to write about at odd hours in the wee morning, you know like 2 AM? Truth be told, I came up with five topics I could turn into a comical article for this week’s post. But, not wanting to lose my precious sleep I chose not to get up and jot some notes down about each of them. So I will not be writing about any of those – this time – that is!  

Instead, I decided to go an altogether different direction and chose to write about children and the myth that surrounds the fact that children acquire a sense of companionship and personal responsibility when allowed to have a pet of their very own. Yes, instead of writing a post about one of five different topics I thought about at 2 AM in the morning, I am going to write about children and the weird pets they have during their formative years.

During my past years of child-rearing, the only thing I can remember my children learning when it came to owning a dog is that you keep uppermost in your mind that when sitting at the dinner table, you do not, I repeat, do not let the hand holding your hamburger, piece of pizza, or hot dog drop below the top of the table. And I often wondered why, when it came time to put my children to bed every night when they were younger, they would have to turn around in their bed three times before going to sleep.

Here’s yet another interesting question: What is it with young children and their fascination with rodents? Fortunately, my children were not into mice like some of their childhood friends were. No, ours liked hamsters (small, fluffy, and somewhat cuddly rodents) or was that during my elementary years. Somewhere along the way, I also seem to remember we had Guinea Pigs. What did I learn about hamsters? Well, one thing I have learned over the years is that hamsters, while soft and cuddly, can teach you one important life learning lesson. What lesson is that you ask? It is just this, even though you might feed and clean up after the hamster (rodent) – let’s face it – a hamster is still a rodent, and being such, it still might turn around and bite the hand that feeds it.

But let us move on to another interesting pet – one I didn’t understand then and still don’t to this day. What is the attraction to Bearded Dragons? Let’s face it folks – it is a non-cuddly lizard. And let us not forget the fact that they do not manufacture Purina Lizard Chow….no, this pet requires live bugs. One might think that living in Florida as we do, one could just harvest some of our own live bugs right from our own environment. But, having read the manual from the pet store, one learns that there is no telling what germs our bugs might have. Perish the thought we should sacrifice those bugs. No, we need to feed the lizard (I know – Bearded Dragon) specially raised lizard-bugs, which – you guessed it – the pet store just happens to sell – and not cheaply, I might add. I will tell you what these bugs are in the next paragraph.

Well, while it may have been fun to go to the pet store for Lizard feed, doing so created a challenge. When visiting the other fish/lizards/rodents -oops excuse me – goldfish, bearded dragons, hamsters and gerbils, and so forth during our trip to purchase lizard feed, the challenge was to not purchase any other residents of the pet store to add to our menagerie.  That was challenge #1. Challenge #2 was  getting the (Lizard feed) lizard-bugs home intact and still alive (yes, the Bearded Dragons only ate live feed), which, now that I think about it, wasn’t really that hard to do. The hard part was not telling the kids that you were feeding this reptilian excuse for a pet, baby crickets. Can you see it now if they knew? Each of those baby crickets would have a name and when you would go to pick it up to feed it to the reptile – one of them would scream out at the top of their lungs – NO, you cannot feed Betsy to the lizard. You notice the dis-association now with the pet Bearded Dragon/lizard. Now he, (assuming it is a he), is The Predator.

Have you ever thought about how we might explain the difference between a ‘pet’ rodent, the cute rodent in many Disney animated movies, and the uninvited mouse that at one point in your lives makes its way into your kitchen or basement?

Can you see it now, it is three o’clock in the morning and you hear a noise down in the kitchen! You make your way to the kitchen just in time to see your husband or wife, depending who is the warrior person in your house, chasing a mouse, Rubbermaid salad bowl in hand, with the hope of being able to plop it down on the critter not knowing what he/she is going to do next if he/she is successful.

Ah, the days of yester-year. And no, I do not want to go back. Suffice it to say, I look forward to hearing the stories as told by my children and their children when it comes to pets, so that I can just sit back, smile and remember how it was back then.

By the way, for the record, we (Dolly and I) never had a Bearded Dragon but we have had experience with all the critters mentioned in this post, and thus know what it is to keep a Bearded Dragon as a pet. As a matter of fact, one of our children even had tarantulas. But guess what, our grandchildren (well – one of them) also has a snake and bunnies as well. Personally, I could never understand the attraction children have with tarantulas, snakes, or for that matter, Bearded Dragons. I mean – look at it – how could you love such a creature. Nope, I will stay with miniature schnauzers (our pet of choice when we did have pets). Well, those and Yorkshire terriers because we had a very cute Yorkshire Terrier who was very lovable. C’mon now – be truthful – which one of the creatures shown below would provide you with comfort in your old age?

That’s all I have today. Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Crazy Things We Think About at 2 AM in the Morning

  1. We were pretty much dogs and cats in our house. Tried a couple of birds and a few fish but they weren’t cuddly enough. Had dogs and cats most of my life and they all had names that I remember. Birds and fish, not so much.

  2. Perhaps I am not old enough. I don’t get up at 2.00 am to think about things to write. If I do, it is to go to the toilet and, I am quickly back into bed and fast asleep in no time.

    I grew up with dogs and so has my son. Once when he was a little boy, we also had a cat for a while. As I write this, we have two dogs and a cat at home. The interesting aspect of this menagerie is that one dog is totally bling and sans teeth from birth. Some genetic fault. She was about to be put under when she was rescued by my son. To see her traipse around, you wouldn’t know that she is blind.

    My daughter in love is the Operations Manager for the local Blue Cross and is also very active in animal welfare activities.

    1. Ah, to fall asleep immediately, sounds great but I am getting better at it. I am sure the dog provides comfort and her traipsing around entertaining. It is wonderful to have children who care about animals. Our 3 children also have dogs and love and care for them as they would their children (all of their children are out on there own now.

  3. Great and fun article, thank you.
    Reminds me of the time dad and I went to the pet store to “look” at the options for a pet. We came home with a little squirrel monkey (obviously this was prior to the ban of such animals). Mom was not happy with us.

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