For the past several years, my morning routine has been to wake early, do about 15 minutes of stretching exercises, go to the computer and prepare either what I like to refer to as a “Facebook Quip” which is merely my way of saying something bright and funny so that those who followed my crazy mixed up ways might get a smile or chuckle out of reading it and assist them in preparing for their day.

But for the past several months, such has not been my routine. Why? Because I allowed all the negativity that occurred during 2020 to bring me down. What do I mean?

Enter 2020, namely February and/or March and “Whammo” along comes the dreaded Covid – 19 Virus and subsequent pandemic. Add to this, it was an election year and I am not going to go into all that happened and is still happening surrounding that, but suffice it to say, it has been an election campaign that many of us have never seen before and I do not mind saying, I hope never see again.

Now, I am not one to receive the local newspaper, but unfortunately wanting to keep up with all that was happening, I decided to stay current by accessing Social Media. Wrong thing to do! I am sure that most of you will agree that no matter what network one turns on today, you cannot turn on the news without being blasted with negativity. And if any of you are like me, even after you have had your fill of the, and I will try to be polite here – “CRAP” – seen, there is usually one story or another that tends to linger on even after you either turn the set off or go to another show.

So, what to do, what to do? I have never been a “take charge” type of guy thinking I could change all this. Nor have I ever wanted to be part of the solution. I am a mere mortal, living in this wonderful country of ours just trying my best to make it through another day like most of the rest of the world does – day in and day out. One of my favorite sayings has always been “One day at a Time, One day at a Time!”

For many years now, I have ended many an email and other writings I have written with the following quote:

“Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” —Yoda

For years I have been a fan of reading, writing, and making comments about various quotes I have come across and one of the ones that has always stuck with me is the one Desmond Tutu once said: “There is only one way to eat an elephant, a bite at a time.” In times like these, when everything in life seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible, stop for a moment and think. It has been said that even the impossible can be accomplished gradually by taking on just a little at a time.

Another thing I have learned due to all that has happened over these past 9 + months is that we should all stop a moment and count our blessings if we are still able to get up every morning, take nourishment, and go about our day. Why, because looking at life that way will make us realize more that every day should be looked upon as a gift. We are still here. It is like when we first wake and see the sun shining. Yay, a brand-new day!

And when you run into an old friend unexpectedly while out getting your groceries (social distancing of course), think of that too as a gift. They too, woke up this morning and hopefully are experiencing a similar experience.

Is it all going to be sunshine and flowers? NO, it is not! Believe me when I say, we (my wife and I) as well as many others in this world today have endured sorrows throughout these past few months. Such events wrench one’s heart every day but instead of bringing us down, should give us more of a bittersweet appreciation of life.

Both of us are now in our eighth decade of life and even with all that is happening around us, do our best to keep each other upbeat, happy and we face each day with a smile and a “Get Up and Go Attitude” because, well, as has always been said – It beats the alternative!

Didn’t mean for this to drag on like it did, but just wanted to say that even with all that is going on around us and within our own family, I am back and am looking forward to posting weekly here at Lakeland Musings.  Stay safe and

Happy New Year everyone!

9 thoughts on “One Bite at a Time!

  1. Hey Irwin! Your upbeat and good-humored posts were well missed my friend. Like you said, mostly doom and gloom to read since you’ve been gone. I survived much like you did by restricting my media intake. Nothing but Covid and politics day in and day out. Makes you crazy if you let it.

    Let’s hope we’ve finally turned the corner on all this crap. Still, a long way to go of course but like you said — one bite at a time — one day at a time! And it starts with the return of Iglengal! The wild and crazy guy sure to bring a smile to your face! Welcome Back Irwin!

  2. Happy New Year. I was thinking about you only yesterday Irwin.

    I do understand how you feel. And the dark cold of winter makes it worse.

    I stopped watching the news. I watch enough to know what tier we are , here in the UK so I know what I should be doing.

    Yes we should be thankful each day.

    Well done to both of you reaching 80+ . You have each other. I say live life to the full. And keep going strong. Forget the news, dance, read, laugh, do what you in a safe way and it will all get better soon. Hang in there. Make each other laugh, smile and just be your wonderful self.

    Luckily I have my spirituality that keeps me on track and stops going down some sink hole of negativity. And we so much online and we get to volunteer a bit.

    I am sure your spirits and humour will all come back soon.

    But I understand too. But there is light at the end if the tunnel we just need to hang in there, and laugh and exercise and cook whatever that get us back to living.

    Big hug to you both. Smile.
    All will be okay, it will get better.

    Happy new year

  3. I was wondering about you…. Is great to read from you again and I look forward to your weekly’s here. Have a grand and wonderful 2021

    1. Hi Ren: Yes, it has been a hectic 9 months (since March) and well, to be truthful, there was a point when I thought I might not continue writing my wild and wacky posts. But, fortunately I came to my senses and well, here I am. Speaking of weekly writing – looks like I have one due tomorrow so I had best bring this to a close and get cracking on it. Trust you are well and thank you for your concern. Stay safe my friend.

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