Thought I would write a short post about retirement – leastways – my thoughts on the subject!

This is the life!

Retirement – why do some of us embrace it while others tend to either shy away from it or look at it as some unwanted plague? Truth be told, I was somewhat astonished when I learned I wasn’t able to dodge the bullet one more time as I had done so many times before. But that was way back when (1995 to be exact). But, I swallowed my pride, began sending out resumes, and subsequently acquired another job albeit an underwriting job for which I was more than over-qualified. But, it was a job and it helped to put food on the table and a roof over our head and so I accepted it and began my new career, if you will. But, alas, the cards were not with me that year because nine months later (no my wife did not have another baby) my underwriting job was going away too as that company also decided to down-size and yup, you got it – last in – first out. I was only 55, and a few months away from being 56.

How did we handle it? We took it as a sign and decided to down-size ourselves and we haven’t looked back since.  Why? Because the skills we had learned up to that point in our lives were no different than what would come to be known as our retirement skills as we moved forward in our new roles as retirees. Let’s face it – being free from the constraints of the daily 9-5 daily routine allows one to also be free to use whatever combination of life experiences, skills, talents, and personality we have already been through. Also, if applied correctly, these past experiences and so forth enable us to utilize the expertise gained over our working career that will create an existence in retirement designed to satisfy us.     

Is it easy? Not particularly. Some embrace retirement from day one while others seem consumed with all types of difficulties. Take it from me adjustment to this new lifestyle is not without its problems. We all have to learn to work and make compromises.  What matters is how we look at our expectations as we move forward and learn to make adjustments be they around finances, time, health issues or whatever. Retirement involves many of the trials we experienced during our working years – trials such as adversity, heartache, disappointments, as well as failures.

But, hey….it can be done! This past December (just last month) we have been retired 23 years and still are loving it!

4 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. I retired in 2007 from university teaching. I worked for thirty-five years teaching English at Alcorn State University an Historically Black University in Mississippi. I loved my job but I was definitely ready to get out. I did go back for two years, from 2008 to 2010 as an administrator. It was a huge mistake, but that’s all water under the bridge.

    I’m starting my tenth year, and I love retirement more with every passing year. Now, it helps that I have a decent pension plus social security. I know a few others who retired but hated it–couldn’t cope with the freedom. One man told me he never changed out of his pajamas and stopped shaving! Well, okay. He went back to work. I can’t imagine going back into the work world. I read. I write. I’ve just gotten my first novel on-line. I do wood-working and walk our black lab, Cody, twice a day…or he walks me.

    Once my wife retires, we hope to move to the west coast. She’s Japanese and our dream is to spend three months in the U.S. then three months in Japan. It’s a plan. 🙂

    It’s good to hear you guys are happy and doing well.

    1. You have an interesting plan but you say three months in the U.S. and then three months in Japan….what of the other six months unless you are saying 3 on 3 off 3 on 3 off with regards being stateside. We too could never imagine going back into the work world. Just love being retired. As a matter of fact we were just saying this morning as we were heading to the eye doctor while talking about our schedule over the next few days – “Whew, boy – cannot wait until Sunday as we are looking forward to not having to set the clock or go anywhere.” We have had to get up early every morning this week due to being involved in one thing or another or having to go to doctor appointments. But it keeps us active and on our toes. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

      1. Ah, our Japan plan! Yes, three months in Japan then three in the U.S. then three in Japan and then say, six in the U.S. I’d love to just “stay” in Japan, but anything over three months, and I’d have to apply for residency and it’s a lot of paper work. So we figured it would be easier to simply go back and forth with a long stay in the U.S. We could also use that time to travel to wherever! 🙂
        And like you guys, I love retirement.

  2. I have been in retirement since the past 18 years and during that period I was in part employment at board level for a couple of years and one year in a voluntary position. I have not had a moment of regret because well before the actual retirement, we had planned to be financially independent and to the extent possible close to places which we would like to visit often. I lost my wife eleven years ago but, my son and daughter in love with me and that makes it quite comfortable in my old age.

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