Thought I would write something different today – so I am going to share a “Drabble” with you entitled: Apple Fritter!

What is it about the day when we wake and know not what it is we hope to accomplish? Is it boredom? Pure laziness? Is this what retirement is all about? Shouldn’t there be something more? How do we overcome these slumps? I know – coffee and a donut! But then there is always the weight issue to be concerned about. But truly one donut and a cup of coffee shouldn’t make all that difference. Besides, my colonoscopy prep is tomorrow. How long will that donut be in me? Perhaps, I should go with an apple fritter instead. Yummy – can’t wait!

coffee and donut

4 thoughts on “Donut and Coffee

  1. By the time this is read by you, you should have undergone the colonoscopy and I hope that everything is alright. Then of course, the whole question becomes academic as you can have all the donuts and coffee that you want.

    1. Thanks for yoy reply and concern but truth be told, I was not scheduled for, nor had a colonoscopy (although it is scheduled for 2020), the idea popped in my head while creating the “drabble” and the word count fit (100 words not including the title). Have a great day.

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