Cold Chicken Broth

Have you ever spent an evening with a relative that you haven’t seen for a long time because you happened to be in the neighborhood and were just too tired to drive fifty more miles to get to your own apartment?  Besides, you thought to yourself, “This will be great, it’s been quite a few years since you seen her and the two of you could catch up on what has been happening in each of your lives. You could drive home in the morning fully rested.

Okie dokie. The evening went well, Aunt Priscilla was glad to see you and the two of you caught up with the latest happenings before heading to bed. When you wake in the morning, you notice that Aunt Priscilla is still sleeping (being a widow and getting on in years – she is not an early riser). You do your best not to make any noise as you make your way to the kitchen.

Daily habits can be a curse and being in someone else’s house does not make it any easier to follow one’s routine. Now I must admit, while I am not on a diet, I do try my best to be careful about what I eat. Having said that, I would like to continue this story by saying that after locating the loaf of bread kept in her cute “Bread Wrapper” shaped bread box, that I ate dry toast with a cup of black, decaffeinated coffee. Notice I said, I would like to say that ……. but that wasn’t the case.

Besides what happened next made it that I definitely had to find something to eat but I am getting ahead of myself. At home, one of the first things I have upon awakening is a small glass of orange juice and so before I even think about toast and coffee, I must have my orange juice. Now some people do not like to keep their store-bought orange juice in the cardboard box it comes in from the store and so they pour same in a Tupperware pitcher, glass pitcher, or what have you as soon as they get home. Me, I leave it in the box, plastic bottle, or whatever it comes in direct from the store. Back to my story.

Having found a Tupperware pitcher in the refrigerator, I noticed that the amount of liquid showing through the plastic was rather low, which to me was a sign that there was not much in the container. Now some of us need our coffee in the morning and some of us need something else. Me, I need both but for the moment let’s just concern ourselves with the orange juice. What to do – what to do? Oh well, perhaps, if I just take a sip or two direct from the pitcher, that will accomplish two things (I know – not too sanitary, but go with me for the moment as it adds to the story):  (1) I will get my orange juice fix and (2) Aunt Priscilla will be none the wiser, plus I will be sure to only take a sip or two so that she has some when she wakes up.

What is it with senior citizens when they get older? Do they lose their marbles or just become senile? Why would I even think about doing such a thing? What happened next just about sent me heading for the sink or bathroom. I opened the pitcher and took my sip, thankfully a small sip. Never, never in my wildest dreams, did I expect what was to flow over my lips and into my mouth! Yuk! Cold chicken broth!!!!! 

Guess that will learn me! ……… Truth or Fiction? You be the judge!

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup or Is it Broth?

  1. Love this! Though, it coulda been worse…say, a sample of sorts, if you catch my drift. Hope all is well with you and your wife, Irwin!

    1. Glad your trip was safe – sorry about the luggage. But you are right – Hawaii is a beautiful island. Hopefully all will be better tomorrow. Talk to you later via our WordPress site. Take care and enjoy your vacation.

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