I have always been a big fan of lists. To-do lists, Honey-do lists, check lists, laundry lists, packing lists, grocery lists, travel lists, and so forth. It is as though there is a list for everything.

Many of us write and use them. Some go to the extreme while others just write lists that will get them through the day.

With that thought in mind I decided today I would do something different. Today I am going to write my list but instead of it being one of the afore-mentioned lists – it will be a list of things I am NOT going to do today.

I am NOT going to start my own fan club on Facebook.

I am NOT going to go sky diving without a parachute.

I am NOT going to dance in public as though I am hearing music.

I am NOT going to ask directions to the place I am already at.

I am NOT going to recognize someone I truly do not even know.

I am NOT going to sing in public.

I am NOT  going to pay my grocery bill in pennies.

I am NOT going to ask a complete stranger for directions to a certain place and then walk away in the opposite direction.

 I am NOT going to sit at the airport reading my book upside down.

I am NOT going to show up at our next Homeowners meeting wearing a wide-brimmed sombrero and when asked: “Why?” look them in the eye and say, “What do you mean?”

I am NOT going to our local supermarket – grab a handful of bananas and go to the checkout counter and ask the clerk: “Can I get a better price on these bananas?”

I am NOT going to go to McDonald’s and ask for a WHOPPER!

Whew, re-reading the above list was quite exhausting. Good news though, is that every item on this list is something that –


Until next time!

3 thoughts on “LISTS, LISTS, LISTS!

  1. Dude! You did not really just make a NOT to do list, did you? Hahahahahaha Looks like you have freed up a whole bunch of time for yourself, now that you know what you will not do. Fun post, thanks. 😀

  2. What a great idea! I might try one of those lists too. Scary thing is that some of the things on your “I’m not going to do list”…. I’ve done! (Okay, I’ll confess, I dance while waiting in line at the grocery store or bank. I DO hear the music; and recently I did ask for directions and then went the opposite way. I couldn’t help it, I got a better idea halfway through the guy telling me how to ‘go there.’ ) 🙂

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