Hard to do without!

The world today is so mixed up that to get my mind off of all that is going on – I decided to let myself go and just soar into whatever imaginative space I can and in doing so piece together a quirky world of my own through words. What better way to do that than to be spontaneous and go with whatever thought pops into my head! Seeing that yesterday I had way more caffeine than I should have – the first thought that popped into my head was seeing or thinking that “coffee was never discovered!”  

Can you picture such a scenario…..How do you start your day? I mean – how do we function? Our day usually starts by going to the bathroom to do our duty – it’s  @#$%^ getting old, isn’t it? Next is stepping on the bathroom scale where, either you do a happy dance, or you criticize yourself for having that Apple Fritter this past Saturday. Oh well, what’s done is done. Time to move on.

The kitchen awaits you as does your newspaper. The moment of truth has arrived but remember at this point we still are not aware of the fact that coffee has never been discovered. So, you go to your pantry to get out the coffee and all you see is a box of black tea bags – Earl Grey as a matter of fact. You think to yourself – where is my coffee? What has it been now – twelve hours since you had a cup of coffee, or so you thought!

With that thought still looming in your brain, your eyes stray to the newspaper laying open on the table and the headlines staring you right in the face: Notice – “Coffee has never been discovered!” You only thought that you were drinking coffee. Am I reading it right? What happened? Is this a joke? What am I to do now? Did someone turn back the clocks? Is it April Fool’s Day?

Interesting thought – isn’t it? How would you handle it?

One thought on “Coffee Has Never Been Discovered

  1. I know exactly how I would handle that! It would be one of two ways! Ok, maybe I don’t know “exactly” how…..

    After about two days of a pounding headache (caffeine withdrawal) I would (A) learn to injoy tea OR (B) I would start digging up dandelion roots, drying them and then grinding em into coffee.

    I actually walk away from coffee at least once a year. Not for long, just a few days, till I get the caffeine fiend under control. Then that first cup of coffee is heaven sent, because I am injoying it, not ‘having to have’ it.

    But wait! Now that I re-read my response, if coffee was not invented yet, then I should not have to go through the agony of withdrawal. That also means, I’d have no reason to dig up roots. Oh….I am so confused now. Peopls say I have a tendancy to overthink stuff….. I gotta go get my second cup of coffee now. Great post, as usual….thanx!

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