Good afternoon my fellow bloggers:

Seeing that I am sitting here in front of my computer trying my darnedest to be intelligent when I share whatever information I intend to blog about with you, I got to thinking – why worry about it – remember the sign you have hanging above your desk that reads:

Life is Better When You’re Writing.

Besides, those of you that do on occasion follow my rants and raves should know by now that with me, anything is possible. Some days it will be a joke – sometimes it will be a quote – and sometime it will be – well – just some useless jibberish or what I like to refer to as useless information. Guess what you are in store for today?

Remember when someone says something and we don’t quite believe him or her and we hear the phrase – “take it with a grain of salt.”

Know where that came from? In ancient times, a ruler by the name of Pompey, yup – the Roman general and politician who was defeated by Caesar and murdered in Egypt – as did many an ancient ruler – thought it was wise to put a real grain of salt into every drink offered him, as an antidote to any poison that might have been put into it by a spy planted into his domestic services by his foes. It was from his use of salt as an antidote that we obtained our figurative expression.

Okay, I know you are dying to know why Pompey thought salt was the antidote for any poison. Well back in those days, salt was desired as much as gold was and thought to be a panacea.

And therein lies your history lesson for the day! Truth or fiction? Take it with a grain of salt!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spilled-salt-1427810.jpg
Spilled salt!

Until next time.  Have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Grain of Salt

  1. It can be very fascinating as to where sayings originate. In fact…it actually causes me to stop using some of them, for they just are so….not with it, no mo’.
    Like for instance, “take it with a grain of salt” is a term I was raised with. My father used it a lot. “Just take it with a grain of salt,” he would tell me, but never, ever gave me any salt. Even though that phrase has never made sense to me, now that I know the ‘meaning’, it becomes nonsensical to me and I will probably omit it from my vocab now and replace with one of my own. (Ha – as if they make any sense either)
    Another fun post from you! Thanks guy!

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