Will he ever stop asking questions?

With all the telemarketer calls today – wouldn’t you like to see the following scenario play out when one calls your house. You would have to play the role of the young child and imitate the voice he or she – for the purposes of this post – let’s say it is a boy – uses. The conversation might go something like this:

The telemarketer calls and the little boy answers. The little boy whispers, “Hello?”

The salesperson says, “Yes, can I speak to your mommy?”

“No, “the little boy whispers, “She’s busy.”

The salesperson then says, “Okay, can I speak to your daddy, please?”

“He’s busy, too,” the little boy whispers.

By this time, the salesperson is becoming a bit annoyed but still hungry for the sale and so the salesperson says, “All right, is there another adult in the house?”

“Yes,” the boy whispers. “There’s a policeman.”

“A policeman?!” the salesperson gasps. “Can I speak to him?”

“No,” whispers the boy. “He’s busy, too!”

As a last resort, the salesperson asks one last time, “Okay, are there any other adults there?”

“Yes,” whispers the boy. “There’s a firefighter.”

“A firefighter!” exclaims the salesperson. “Can I speak to him?”

“No,” whispers the boy. “He’s busy, too.”

“Little boy,” says the salesperson, “with all of those adults in the house, what are they doing?”

After a short pause the little boy whispers, “Looking for me.”

Until next time!

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