If there is one thing I have learned and am still learning the older I get is that we humans need to lighten up and not think life is always hard. Life truly isn’t all that difficult, unless of course, we ourselves, complicate it.

How so, well let’s take a step back and look at the schedules we set for ourselves. If we are still in the workplace, although I am not and I will get to us retired folks in a bit, in the interest of self-preservation or looking out for our future, we usually take on more than we should. Notice I said, usually. Oh, we get done whatever it is we say we are going to do – but at what cost?

We do not spend as much time with our families. We stay at the office or workplace longer than we should. And this can cause holes in our relationships with family later on in life. Being a retiree now for 22 years, I am becoming aware of some of my own short-comings when I was in the workforce. Although, truth be told, had I not done what I did over the years, my guess is that we would not have been able to enjoy our retirement years as much as we have and continue to enjoy. No regrets.

But, we do need to take time for ourselves and enjoy life. Whether still working or retired, we need to think twice about what we agree to do when asked. We do not need our activities swallowing up our lives. I used to work with an individual that early on said: “I work to live, not live to work!” Fact is we should make it a point to stay active and busy because we want to live.

Whether working or not, by treating our lives as a gift to be treasured and enjoyed, versus a commitment to be fulfilled, chances are we may just find that little piece of happiness we are all searching for.   

2 thoughts on “Life – Hard – Complicated – Or is it Just Us!

  1. I think it’s normal for us to second guess our choices after the fact. I too have occasionally questioned my life choice to spend so much time and effort in my career – the long hours I spent away from my growing sons. However at some point I have to acknowledge that the long hours spent working allowed me to finance the epic trips we took together as a family and then an early retirement.

    Life is a great adventure and we owe it to ourselves to live it as full as we are able to – whatever that means to each of us as individuals. One thing is clearer to me now though – it involves developing relationships.

  2. Yes, it is just us. Humans tend to complicate life way more than need be. The simple practice of deep breathing, lightens us greatly by supplying us with the deprived oxygen of life.
    As always, in all ways, injoyed your post.

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