Did you ever notice all the advantages we have of being an old geezer?


Before I go any further, allow me to clarify one important thing about much of my writing.  I have but one goal when I sit down to write and that is to amuse myself. When I post these articles here on my site, should those of you that take time out of your busy day to read my rants and raves, enjoy same, well then I am doubly pleased. The deal here is to get us to smile and for one short minute or two forget whatever troubles we might have. We all have good days and bad days, but if we get a chance to smile every now and then, well, chances are that brief moment in time may be all we need to make it through yet another day.  As to how much of what I write is fact or fiction and whether or not it is a page from my own playbook, well, I will leave that up to you. And no, that isn’t a picture of me above!

Lately I seem somewhat bored when I have some excess time on my hands. When that happens, so that I do not become depressed, I tend to think of things to amuse myself. For instance, even though we all know that getting old does have a lot of disadvantages, one must admit that there are some advantages too.

Why just a few short years ago, I had to get the last few teeth I had in my mouth removed and so that means that I no longer have to go to the dentist. Chances are, had not that happened, were I to need a tooth pulled, I would probably have attempted to pull them myself. (it is what us old geezers do)

Oh, and when it comes to driving, at our age, driving recklessly is actually expected, although many of us drive like old grandmas – and you know how slow they drive!

When we go out for the evening, at our age we can stay out and party as long as we want. Just so we are back home before dark.

For some, giving up brushing teeth, using deodorant, and shaving, even though such habits are disgusting, is expected.

Not that I ever worked in road construction, but truth be told, at our age, we never have to work such type jobs again. Nope, our place is as a Walmart greeter, or a supermarket bag boy. More our speed. See, yet another advantage.

Depending on how long we have been in our home, chances are we no longer have any house payments and even if we do, an educated guess is one of two things might happen should the Mortgage holder decide to evict you, 1. Due to how long it takes to evict someone, you will either have gone to meet your maker already or (2) they will just place you in an assisted living facility – which was probably what they intended to do anyway.

Here is a definite advantage and payback as well……as we get older, we may or may not suffer from incontinence problems. For those of us that do though, now we can get even with our children for when we had to change their diapers.

While I wouldn’t wish Alzheimer’s disease on anyone, an advantage might be the ability to insult people any time we want because chances are they will just let it pass saying: “That’s okay, it’s just Alzheimer’s or him being old and crotchety.

Getting old is also advantageous to our pocketbooks as well. How? When they take our drivers license away, we will save a bundle on auto insurance premiums.

Being an old person allows us to stop worrying about our weight, how we dress, and so forth. I know this sounds a bit extreme, but hey, we are old now, chances are no matter how much we care about our weight or how we dress, no one is going to take notice or even care.

Being old means we now get to watch our sons and daughters deal with their wild teenagers, have sleepless nights, and figure out how to live from paycheck to paycheck.

At our age, we can sleep in as long as we want….who is going to care?  Chances are though that the children might just pop in now and then to see if we are still breathing.

Finally, at our age, we realize that most of the things we run across during our day are more trouble than they’re worth.

And last but definitely not least, at our age another big advantage is that we no longer have to save money. Why save it – as I like to say to my kids – do not expect us to leave anything as we are spending your inheritance.

This particular old geezer has been enjoying retired life for almost 22 years (it will be 22 years next month) and the ‘old geezer’ part of retired life……..well……I will get back to you on that one as I haven’t felt like a true ‘old geezer’ yet but I am sure it is coming. Truth-be-told, I have been having too much fun to even think about, let alone worry about, the fact that I am actually getting old. In eleven more days I turn 78 but apparently for me, that isn’t looked upon as old, it is looked upon as getting better.

Growing old is mandatory

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Advantages of being an “Old Geezer!”

  1. Well Happy Birthday early then. You definitely don’t qualify as an old geezer and 78 isn’t that old anyway. I say that because I’m 72, so if it works for you it works for me. All the things you pose are true, I do agree on most. Is there a party or cake involved? Count me in☺️

  2. I still have a way to catch up to you since I’ve been retired only 7 years … and I’m still resisting the label as ‘old’. Delusion has always been one of my strong suits 😉

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