Ever wonder where news comes from today, who thinks it is newsworthy, and most of all, that it is something we are even interested in?

Seeing that I want to rant and rave a bit today, I decided to do a comparison of some ridiculous news as compared to news some would think is newsworthy and that which we should be reading and digesting.

What follows are headlines being presented as events or happenings our news media thinks we should be interested in:

“What to expect from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.”

“Tracking who is spending money at President Trump’s D.C. hotel.

“23 breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage destinations in the United States.

Cuba was counting on Americans to visit. Then tourism dried up.

Now we come to articles provided as news that – well – who cares, but you be the judge:

“Loose monkey found climbing outside London apartment building.”

“Man wins $4.38 million with lottery ticket he got for free.”

“Moose blocks entrance to Alaska senior center.”

“Zoo charged for taking bear out for ice cream.”

It may just be me, but personally, other than being somewhat curious about the latter, somewhat ridiculous articles, none of these articles strike me as something I would want to waste my time reading. And people actually get paid to report these events as newsworthy events?

Other than posting these headlines as the rants and raves or ponderings of an old and getting older by the minute ‘geezer’ I cannot think of what they are good for. Can you?

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “What is Newsworthy?

  1. The news is always going to have some element of light “human interest” filler stories. I can always tell a “light news day” by the leading story … but personally, I don’t want to read about anyone’s lottery win. Call it jealousy 😉

    My bigger pet peeve is the constant flogging some topics get in the media. In my opinion, it creates a kind of artificial hysteria … like the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada. I’m grateful it’s now finally a done deal because the constant media frenzy made me want to scream.

    In the meantime, serious stories that should be extensively covered are virtually ignored – like the rollback of increases in minimum wage … and what about the appalling increase in unpaid internships. In my opinion, it is just short of legal slavery.

    The superficial reporting of many important news stories combined with the increase in fluffy stories are contributing to the dumbing-down of the world.

    Ok – my grouchy old-person rant is now over.

    1. We are both on the same page and I love your view as to how the so-called news today is contributing to the dumbing-down of the world.
      I’d like to say “and this too shall pass, but I’m not so sure anymore!” Ok – I’m going to write something wild and wacky next post. Thanks for following this old geezer’s rants and raves.

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