”What is meant by the saying “Living in the Moment!”

Life is Good

I would like to think that it means enjoying whatever one is doing at any moment in time be it reading a book; writing in one’s journal; having dinner with friends and/or family; or working on a project such as a minor home repair job, hobby, or possibly attending to an odd job for a friend.

Living in the moment though does not mean we can forego looking towards the future. Oh, I am sure there are some people that think – “with all the turmoil going on in our world today – who knows what tomorrow might bring and therefore I am going to live for today and let the chips fall where they may with regards tomorrow.” That may be all well and good but as those of us who have recently made it through Hurricane Irma know – there is more to the statement “Live for Today” than some people realize.

I recently wrote an article entitled “Bump in the Road” and how life tends to throw such bumps at us now and then. Well, Hurricane Irma was one such bump. What some people may not be aware of are the “after bumps” we must take into consideration as well.

While many of us made it through Hurricane Irma ‘unscathed,” the fact of the matter is what if we would have been one of the unfortunate ones that weren’t so lucky? It is a thought that crosses my mind every time such an event takes place.

In planning for the evacuation of our home, we had to gather food, water, prescription drugs, clothing for two or three days, flashlights, important papers and so forth just in case our homes were damaged or quite possibly destroyed. Note: It was mentioned in the news that 25% of the homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. One of the thoughts, if not the main thought, that runs through one’s mind other than merely surviving at times like these are: In addition to what I am supposed to take with, what other possessions should I take with – you know – just in case?

They say material things can be replaced and I concur with that thought process but another fact is: while houses, cars, clothing, and high-tech toys can be replaced – what constitutes important information? How many of us have taken the time to record and keep safe data necessary to rebuild our lives after an event such as Irma should we be one of those unfortunate individuals that lose everything? I am talking about having a record of such things as bank account information, driver’s license numbers, insurance policy information (house, car, health, life), wills, passwords, and so forth?

These are the essentials needed to rebuild (yes – rebuild) one’s life in today’s high-tech world when a tragedy such as Irma strikes. While I have tried to maintain such records over the years – it is events such as this that always leaves me wondering – “Am I truly prepared?”

I am reminded of a television commercial some years back – and I believe it was for “Capital One” where the commercial says: “What’s in Your Wallet?” By the way, disasters come in all forms – they do not have to be the result of a hurricane.

Living in the Moment is one thing – attempting to revive all the data that proves you were living and are still living is yet another thing. Some things need to be thought about today, and tomorrow, and the next day as well.

Until next time!

10 thoughts on ““Living in the Moment!”

    1. Thanks and I apologize for taking so long to respond to your kind words. Hoping things will settle down a bit and I can get back to posting once a week like I would like to (I would like to post more often but at the moment will appreciate writing one post a week).

  1. Glad you and your family are okay, Irwin, and you bring up some excellent points. I have never been someone who foregoes planning ahead to ‘live for today,’ since I want to be prepared for tomorrow, too. I have not faced a hurricane threat but you are wise to have your ducks and important papers lined up. Even without the threat of a disaster it is vital.

    1. Hi Molly:
      Thanks for checking in on us. Sorry I have not responded sooner. We were not supposed to come back until the end of September but another “Bump in the Road” caused us to change our plans and lo and behold – right smack into Irma we came. But that episode of our lives is now over and we will address this next “bump” as we have all the other bumps and just take it one day at a time. Again – my apologies to all my Word Press friends for my negligence in not writing sooner. Funny thing about life – it has a habit of disrupting even the best laid plans.

  2. For me, living in the moment or the Now is what the bunny does, or the bird or a pet does. They do not worry where their next meal will come from. They enjoy the pleasures and avoid the dangers. Living in the now is being aware/conscious of all your senses, right now.
    ‘Now’ is all we have!
    Look at the time. What time is it?
    It is Now!
    Always is, was and will be, Now. That’s all there is.
    I am grateful you all are safe.
    Why not pack a ‘reboot’ box/container. Put all the valuables in it now, to grab on your way out the door. No thinking or searching. IF it were a fire, you’d have no or little time to plan. With Irma, she sent a visitation notice.
    Hugz and grins

    1. Sorry I have taken so long to respond Ren. It seems the older we get the more bumps in the road we come across. Irma has come and gone and we are now addressing the bump that brought us back to FL earlier than expected. And as my mother used to tell me “And this too shall pass.” One day at a time.
      Again thanks for your checking in on us – we appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for checking on our well-being. All is well – we had planned to stay away until the end of September but had to return early and hence our brush with Irma – but all is well. Time to address our next “Bump in the Road” but that too we will overcome – as the saying goes – one day at a time. Thanks again.

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