Have you ever sat down to write an article to share with your readers and come up with: “zero, zip, zilch, nada”, or in other words, a blank space and nothing to insert in it?

Well, that is the dilemma I faced when I sat down at my desk this afternoon. However, as you will soon see, my attempt to not to let that stop me, found me looking back at previous writings and I came up with something that will hopefully make you laugh, smile, or even say – uh, oh: “Irwin has finally lost it!”

But, what can I say – I am determined to write even if it is jibberish – so be it! Chances are you will get a kick out of it and if so – well, my job for today is done and I can get back to wondering what I will write tomorrow. So here goes:

I love to play with words and see what I can do with them to make others laugh, smile, or at least get a chuckle out of my nonsense. So here are a few words along with a “different” definition than what you would expect.  I can only hope that after reading them you will get a laugh or two out of my zaniness. Enjoy!

Rectum – nearly killed ‘em

Remind – a brain transplant

Sonogram – a telegram from your son

Stagnation – a country of single men

Sweet 16 – just down the hall from suite 14

Oxymoron – as dumb as an ox

Polite – a lamp on a pole

Now that you are all as smart as I am, I guess I will go on to writing more jibberish as I need to come up with yet another post for a different website I post to. And then there is the quest of meeting my daily quota of writing 200 words as day with the intent on publishing another Kindle eBook sometime in the near future.  Wish me luck!

Have a fantastic day. Until next time!



21 thoughts on “What to Say – What to Say?

  1. Great job filling a blank page with an amusing post, Irwin. I’m glad you didn’t let the lack of words keep you from writing. It’s amazing what can happen if you soldier through. Where else do you post your work?

      1. I’ve contributed to Sixty and Me and Better AFter 50, and post on Humor Outcasts and Bangor Daily News. I also have posted on Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop and want to do that a little more regularly. I’ve done a few guest posts too which is fun. I’m going to check out your sites.

    1. Thanks, I’ll check out the comment and no, all my writing is and has been done for free the last few years I used to write for the retirement- online site and earned a few bucks now and then but that was some time ago.

  2. I wish you were a duck…. wait a moment… is that what you asked for?
    Enjoyed your definitions. Reminds me of ones I have discovered, for my dictionary, which I have not created yet. 😀

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