Ten – what does the word ten mean to you………….well it could mean we have ten fingers and ten toes.

For some of us, not me though, ten could be the magic number of weeks, months, or years until we retire.

Ten could in fact represent the ten dollars one might owe a friend.

A happy couple may be celebrating ten years of marriage.

For the clock watcher, a worker might be waiting for those last ten minutes of his or her shift to be over.

For me, we have ten more days until we embark on yet another adventure.

So while I had hoped to get back to posting at least one article a week, (something I have already missed looking at today’s date and my last posting date), it would appear that unless I post something on or around the 28th and then again on the 4th of February, I will have missed my deadline……..again.

But, have no fear – I am trying something new with my writing (actually the piece I am thinking about is the article I wrote for next month’s community newsletter). I got wild and crazy one day just sitting at my computer and before I knew it, I had written a comical story of sorts and submitted it to our community newsletter (I write a monthly column entitled “Irwin Ponders”).

I am contemplating sharing this story with everyone – if for no other reason than to receive some feedback as to whether or not articles of that nature would be something people might follow here on this medium.

With my schedule though, I may not get around to posting it until Sunday but when I do, I am hoping to receive comments on same (pro or con as I am a big boy, I can take it).

It is good to be back writing again – something I must definitely put at the top of my daily “To Do” list. Until Sunday then!


6 thoughts on “What does “Ten” mean to you?

    1. Hmmm, I’ll see what I can do! It is a busy day though, meeting with friends at 8 am, a memorial service at 11, another get-together with a different friend after the service and a dance at 8 pm. Whew, busy, busy, busy. But that is what keeps us young. By the way, Happy Birthday two days early. :- )

  1. Ten has 2 special meanings for me.. It rhymes with my name and is easy to spell. Or was that a rhetorical question?
    Fun post. Thank you.

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