Just when I thought I was done posting for the year 2016, something else popped into my head. Allow me to share with you what popped into my head around 4 or 4:30 AM this morning.


Woke about thirty minutes ago and, well, what can I say – once my mind starts – it just doesn’t want to turn back off. So, rather than lie in bed just thinking about things I might want to write about, I decided to get up and get them on paper. Several quotes ran through my head – first one being the following:

“Time waits for no man!” At the moment I cannot remember who coined this quote (I will probably look it up on Google before I am done with this writing) but as I thought about 2016 and the fact that in two days it will be over and we get to start a new year – 2017 – I also started planning in my head what it is I would like to accomplish in the new year.

Why now, because – the loss of many relatives and friends in 2016 makes one realize that life is shorter than we think. I have things I would still like to do before leaving this earth and hence I intend to pay attention to that quote above – time isn’t going to wait for me – if there is something I want to do and I am both physically and mentally able – barring the fact that it isn’t financially impossible – dad gum it – I hope to do it. To quote yet another favorite person of mine, namely Larry the Cable Guy – “Git R Done!”

As mentioned there were several quotes rushing through my head as I lie there deciding if I wanted to get up at such a weird hour (at the time it was a little after 4 AM) and another one was an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that goes like this: “We Grow Too Soon Oldt and Too Late Schmart!” (forgive the spelling as it makes it more interesting and comical).

When I think of things I would like to do yet in this lifetime, I remind myself that I am no “spring chicken” anymore but then that brings to mind yet another thought that tends to pop in our heads as we go through this aging process and that is “If I knew back then what I know now – just think of where I might be today!”

Problem is we are here right now and we have acquired (hopefully) a bit of knowledge over the years and that knowledge has proven to provide us with a comfortable life (not rich by any means but not living on the streets either) and so we are quite thankful we have what we have.

Fortunately we are both still physically and mentally fit and as such hope to do some more wild and crazy things while we still can. If not now – when? A brand new year is right around the corner which can mean new beginnings.

Getting old and slowing down doesn’t have to mean it’s time to sit on the couch chomping on Cheetos and watching the boob tube. It merely means we now have the time to seek out and do things we may have only dreamed about doing in our younger, more carefree years.

But before I move on with this train of thought – allow me to say that I will be the first one to realize the fact that not all of us are physically fit or for that matter, financially able to do many of the “dreams” I make mention of. I can think of quite a few that are or would be on my so-called “bucket list” were I to have one, but fact of the matter is I am also the realist in that I know that there are quite a few things I would like to do that I know I cannot do due to the age I am, as well as our present financial situation.

But, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming – after all, what better way to cope with all the craziness in the world today than to dream up things we would like to do knowing some might be possible while others are probably “pie-in-the-sky dreams. I think it was Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it – you can do it!”

Well, I for one hope to go into the year 2017 with the thought that if I can dream it and  going on the assumption that I am physically, mentally, and financially able to do so – by gum I may just attempt to do it. Keep in mind the fact that this blog is referred to as a place where an old fart rants and raves. I am merely ranting and raving in my wild and crazy manner. It keeps me sane!

Until next time!

P.S. Seeing that this may be my last post for 2016 –

the world

Happy New Year!

Be talking at you in the new year and hope to share many more posts with you in the future.

5 thoughts on ““Time Waits For No Man!”

  1. Great advice I love the fact your not sat waiting for God, you are an inspiration to everyone because in my mind your living as we are meant to live. Thanks for getting up so early to write this post it has made my day. Happy NewYear to you both and hopefully many more to come. 💫✨🌟😉

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