Now that our adventure of almost three weeks is over, my plan is to get back to weekly blogging without missing a beat! Yeah, right – I am already behind and we are only back 6 days!

While we were gone, I attempted to write some new material which I will be posting here. In addition, when time permits, possible rants and raves using whatever daily word prompt that might suit my fancy.

I personally prefer to write comical material – you know – that stuff that brings a smile to your face and a possible chuckle or two.

So, having said that, allow me to mention one of the things I realize about aging – especially on a cruise – and taking various tours – my mind makes contracts that my body cannot meet.

Also, as those of you who may have had the opportunity to cruise in the past – you know just how much food is set before us seniors. Well, I learned a valuable rule/lesson during this recent adventure and that is when out with friends:

I will make it a point to be sure that those dining with me eat more than I do – that way I will continue to look thinner even though the scale will say I gained.

Gosh, how I missed the fun I get out of sharing funny thoughts with those of you crazy enough to follow my rants and raves.

Well, having been gone almost three weeks and with Christmas just around the corner, I will cut this post short so that I can play catch up with the work that needs to be done in addition to the purchasing of presents and wrapping of same.

But, it is good to be back writing again and I look forward to posting more often……………. or not …….you know us writers!


Until next time!


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