Following this post I am returning to posting once a week. I have been beating myself up because early on I would only write a post several times a month – if that – and then felt bad when I wasn’t writing more often. Then I came across the Daily Word Prompt Challenge on Word Press and began posting daily as I tried to keep up with creating a post to respond to the daily word prompt.

In addition to doing that, what with all the negativity in the news today, on television and even on our computers, I began posting a “thought for the day” or something “funny” on my Facebook page as well as on another Facebook page where I am a guest blogger – “I Love Retirement.”

Bottom line is that I haven’t been writing about the things I want to write about which is why I started this blog to begin with.  Anyone that has checked out my Blog Page will see that the Categories I am interested in writing about are: Contentment; Live For Today; Passions; Rants; Routine; Senior Moments; Writing; Uncategorized, and most recently Word Prompts.

True, I could attempt to use the Daily Word Prompt to write an article that would fit well into one of these categories. Except that just makes the process exactly that – “a process” and that is not what my writing is about not to mention that it would sort of be forcing me to write something.

Should I wake one morning and read something in the newspaper or see something in the news be it on TV or my computer and want to write a post about it “ranting on,” if you will, I do not want to stop and say – hmmm – how can I slant this to incorporate today’s daily word prompt.

I want to be spontaneous. By that, I mean that even though it may take me a few days to create an article worthy of posting on my blog site that covers what I read or seen on television – it will be just that – a spontaneous reaction and my take or feelings on the subject. Hopefully those of you following my posts will read and enjoy same and provide your comments – good or bad – as long as they are provided in good taste.

This whole scenario came about because in my attempt to write something about each daily word prompt, my own true reason for writing has sort of taken a back seat. In addition, attempting to create a post designed to address the daily word prompt has made my writing seem like a chore and/or work, and is not really how I feel about my writing. If I wanted something to be a chore and/or work, I could do just that – go back to work. And believe me at age 75, soon to be 76, that is not my goal in life.

I write for fun, to be informative, to share information (primarily geared to those of us that are senior citizens and/or retirees), to be funny (sometimes downright wild and crazy), and at times – just to keep my own sanity (writing can be so therapeutic).

Another reason for taking this approach is that deep down in my soul, I would love to write another eBook, (Love, Marriage, Retirement, and Gratitude was my first eBook) and unless I set some parameters on my writing time, I know that this will never happen.

So, while the Daily Word Prompts Challenge has been fun, I will be changing my style to writing one post a week, both here and for my other blog site and these posts will be based on whichever of the aforementioned categories strikes my fancy that particular day.

One can only hope that those of you that have been following my blog will continue to do so, if for no other reason than to see what this old fart is writing about in any given week.


Keep on writing!


10 thoughts on “Changes are coming!

  1. I completely understand your take, especially since your involved in so much writing. Writing when you are motivated by topic or whatever moves you is all important. I find it extremely easy to come up with something for the prompt. Having said that, it’s also because I have a great deal of free time and it remains fresh for me. I shall look in on you to find out what you are up to as I enjoy your writing and your style. Take care, and above all, have fun! Life’s too short to waste on anything else. See you in the funny papers! snickers loudly.

      1. Why thank you, that’s wonderful to hear, on both counts. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with yours since I enjoy your writing too. I will still be able to reach you at iglengel correct?

  2. Dear Irwin, Totally understand where you are coming from. I like the daily prompts and i did do them because i am not a writer or that creative. So thought the challenge would be good.

    Congrats on posting daily,congrats on the new change.

    I am a few years away from retirement, i love your blog , your writing style and thought process. And your rants are funny. So though i am not quite the oap reader your blog is aimed at… i hope you dont mind if i keep enjoying reading what you create.

    1. Not at all, and I intend to keep up with your blog as well, if you don’t mind. Thanks for your kind comments about my writing style, thought process, and crazy rants.

  3. Always write for yourself. If meant to be, it will resonate with others. If not, you will still have accomplished doing something that you love to do and these days, that is no small feat.

    1. Thanks Sue, I try my best to write about what I enjoy with the hope that those who read my writing will enjoy it as well. And like you said, if they don’t, no problem, because I enjoyed writing it which makes my day.
      Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

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