Thank you so much Phyllis, for nominating me for this award. To say it is quite the surprise would be putting my thoughts mildly. While I have no earthly idea why I should be nominated when there are so many other bloggers out there much more talented than I am when it comes to blogging, I do humbly accept the award.

I got into blogging with the thought of creating a sideline business to perhaps earn a few extra dollars on the side to supplement our retirement income. Plus I also began blogging just because I like to create and share with others funny, wild and crazy, and other sometimes stupid comments that are designed on purpose to cause the reader to laugh. While the former did not come to pass (no problem), the latter did and that makes my writing journey so worthwhile.

My thoughts on the subject are that there is so much negativity in the world today and everyone is so serious. We need to remember we only get one chance in life – as I may have commented on in a prior post – there are no do-overs. We only get to live this life one time and – for me – I want to live it with a smile on my face.

I enjoy your post so much as well as several others that are listed below. Perhaps you might want to check them out and see if you enjoy their posts as much as I do. But before I do that, allow me to share seven random thoughts about me that not many people (least ways my blogging friends) are aware of:

  1. I am an identical twin (yup, there are two of us)
  2. Oh, this is my first blogging award
  3. My wife and I love traveling, cruising, and visiting our children
  4. I love geneaology and need to look up the history on my mothers side of the family
  5. Whether or not I could do it, I dream of writing a weekly or monthly column
  6. I have written an eBook – “Love, Marriage, Retirement, and Gratitude” – (it is a Kindle ebook)
  7. I have a very supportive wife when it comes to the amount of time I spend in front of the computer.

Let’s see – my most profound “aha” moment would be when I got word that my ebook had been published.

If I could instantly change something about myself, I would write more and watch TV less.

The most touching memory in my life was the day I learned that I needed both heart surgery and prostate cancer surgery – not a good memory – but definitely touching

Five years from now I hope to still be doing everything I am doing now only more of the things that mean the most to me – writing, visiting our children, and traveling.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers that have less than 1000 followers:

The Covert Novelist

Marilyn Armstrong – Serendipity

Leggy Peggy


Vincent Carlos


Lynn Thaler

It’s Yet Another Blogger

Scribbled by M

M.L.S. Weech


2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your nomination and thanks for sharing all of the wonderful things about yourself. Also thank you very much for nominating my blog! That truly means a lot! 😀 So, what are the rules? I cannot wait to take part in this, it is my first award too!

    1. Wow, let me think – first you thank the person who nominated you, then you discuss why you like blogging, you might also choose other bloggers you like (must be under 1000 followers), list 7 random facts about yourself, and, if possible, include the picture of The Versatile Blogger Award.
      I think it is to get us to become aware of other bloggers work, etc.
      Believe me, I was somewhat taken aback when I got the word.

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