Today I told myself I would get back to writing and create a post for either one or both of my blog sites as well as begin working on the article I must have done for our Community Newsletter (due date – September 23).

It is true that “Writers Block” does happen at any age. Ever since I became obsessed with attempting to create a post for the “Daily Word Prompt” associated with the blog I maintain on Word Press, my usual prose has taken a back seat and that bothers me. So, today I said to myself that I would concentrate on writing other than just a post for the daily word prompt (if I get it done – so be it – if not – so be it and if my writing goes in the direction that I can incorporate today’s word within the post – so be it as well.)

In either case, something other than writing a post for the daily word prompt will be accomplished thus putting me back in touch with sharing information with those friends who follow my usual rants and raves.

With that thought in mind, my mind roamed to a particular place in time, namely how we feel at the end of the day now that we are on the plus side of 75. What is it with old age, where is it written that every time we are or become a year older, we also have to inherit yet another ailment of old age.

Don’t misunderstand me – I haven’t come down with some incurable disease or a disease associated with old people like arthritis, dementia, or what have you, and for that I am very thankful. But, I will say that my mind and my legs need to get back in sync or there are going to be several accidents at our house between where I watch TV and where our bathroom is. Not really – but sometimes it feels that way.

Most of you know what it is I am talking about. Those evenings when we have been sitting comfortably in our favorite easy chair watching the latest episode of NCIS, munching on some pretzels and eating that bowl of ice cream when all of a sudden we get that urge to go potty. Years ago, we would just pop out of the chair, make our way to the bathroom and in those famous words from the play – “Menopause” – yell – Made it!

But such is not the case today. First of all, we forget that we should not sit longer than one hour maximum without getting up – if not to go to the bathroom – getting up to at least stretch and keep the blood flowing through these old veins.

Better yet, in addition to standing up, we should do some stretches, touch our toes, and if we really want to be good, keep a set of dumbbells next to our chair so that we can pump some iron as well. Yeah, like that is going to happen!

But, do we do it – nooooo! Usually we just sit there. After all, we don’t have a universal remote control where we can stop the movie at any point, do we? Or did we forget that is what we did when we got up to get that bowl of ice cream and the pretzels we are munching on. Oops – I guess they were right when they said your hearing is not what goes first?

We have to remember that not only are our legs aging and require more time to acclimate themselves when standing up after sitting for over an hour, our bladders may be weakening or getting smaller as well. So, we have to remember to get up and move about every 45 minutes or so thus avoiding the feeling that we are 90 when we do in fact decide to get out of the chair.


Another thing that happens as we age – although fortunately mine is still legible – has to deal with our handwriting. How many times have you found yourself making a note in your calendar of a doctor’s appointment or some other appointment for some social event, only to find yourself asking either the day before or the day of – “What is it I wrote there – I swear my handwriting is getting worse – I do not even know what it was I was trying to remind myself of.”

Fortunately I do not consider errors such as these as signs that I need to be put in a home or that I have any serious brain problems, although some of my closest friends may dispute that theory. But as we get older, are situations such as these going to be yet more irritations we have to put up with? Personally I am not concerned as I am still of a mind to say “Take a Hike” to all those irritations because I am not ready to hang it up yet and I am definitely not ready to be called “Old!”

One more thought crossed my mind while writing this post and it has to do with how we senior citizens seem to have a problem at night regarding our sleeping habits. Being one that likes to review quotes pertaining to whatever subject I am on at that moment, I decided to call up a few quotes related to sleeping and believe it or not I found the one that most commonly addresses the position I am in at my age. This one fits me to a tee because it seems when I go to bed at night, everything I intended to do that day comes flooding back to me.

Here is the quote:

“My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do.”

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Take a Hike

  1. Love this …your writting is funny, witty, enjoyable. One learns something, one smiles at your openesses and one is thankful you came acriss my blog so i could find yours and read your rants and raves with a smile on my face.

    Have you tried morning pages for writers block..
    I had a bad bad bad case of writters blog 4 days and i did morning pages for two days with my rants and raves and was able to think of stuff to write.

    Great poat

    1. Being married for 53+ years, and having always done just about everything together, I am not so sure it is Writers Block as it is finding/making time to write. But, as they say, “and this too shall pass.” Thanks for your kind comments about my writings.

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