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There are many variations of using the word “Stump” but the one that crossed my mind today was how we sometimes get stumped when attempting to answer a question.

When looking at the word “stump” as a verb, we might think of it as a question or problem that is too hard to solve. For instance, the powers that be who are in charge of education, were themselves stumped by some of the exam questions.

Another way to look at the word stump, especially now with elections right around the corner, would be to hear what our politicians have to say as they travel around the country making speeches or stumping.

But being one that shies away from discussing politics and religion, my article today is going to talk about how we stump individuals with difficult questions. But, I am going to put a twist on it as well.

For instance, here is an age old question that perhaps has stumped one or two people:

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”


If we go back to ancient times – this question – the chicken or the egg – also evoked the question of how life and the universe in general began.

This “chicken or egg problem” could also be called a Catch-22 (paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules).

Some of us can remember a particular Catch-22 situation when we first entered the job market. Remember – to get a job, we needed experience, and to gain experience, you needed to get a job first.

Sort of like our situation today as it pertains to alternative fuels.

If there aren’t sufficient refueling stations, it is not economical for individuals to purchase vehicles using alternative fuels – and the Catch-22 situation here is that if there aren’t a sufficient number of alternative fuel vehicles, it isn’t economical for fuel dealers to open stations providing alternative fuel.

There are and probably always will be pros and cons to the question about the chicken or the egg question as there will always be questions in life that will tend to stump us.And with that all I have to say is that I am going to stump on out of here.


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2 Responses to Stumped

  1. True George says:

    you know someone who believe in god will say the chicken was first because it was created just like man. Adam was never a baby…..

  2. iglengel says:

    You are probably right. Thanks for reading my post.

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