At our age one has to wonder if we still ever get that so-called “twinkle in our eye?”

You know that twinkle or gleam in someone’s eye that reveals something the person is thinking about which has yet to come to pass – and may be nothing but yet could be an idea or dream.

Every now and then when reading prose other bloggers have written I am moved so much that were someone to look into my eyes at that particular moment in time they would know that I definitely have a “twinkle” in my eye.

Two of the things I enjoy writing about the most are retirement and humorous sayings. Retirement because I am and we have been retired for some time now and even though it was sort of a forced retirement – not one by design, we accepted it and moved on.

But, while the first down-size was unexpected, the second one nine months later (no we didn’t have another baby – it just happened to take place nine months after the first down-sizing) did take us by surprise.

My guess is that had someone looked into my eyes way back then – they would have seen that so-called twinkle because what we did then was probably one of our better moves. We considered the second down-sizing a sign and decided to hang it up and retire completely.

Naturally there is more to the story but the fact remains, were it not for that twinkle, our lives may have played out differently. Bottom line though is that we wouldn’t have had it any other way. So much about the retirement aspects of my writings.

Humorous sayings because in today’s world, I find myself wanting to laugh more often and seeing all the #%^&*! on TV, in newspapers, etc., I have taken it upon myself to not only make myself laugh but share some of my crazy mixed up shenanigans, jokes, and sayings with anyone that cares to read my rants and raves.

So, take my advice, should you ever get that twinkle in your eye, do your best to follow through on it as things do turn out for the best when we think positive.

Until next time.

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