“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” ― George Bernard Shaw

I am certain that if we all would sit down and truly look back upon past decisions, we just might find that one little mistake, that had we to do over again, we may have chosen the path less traveled. That is, if they were in fact true mistakes.

Adding a column of numbers incorrectly – that is a mistake.

Forgetting to log out of a computer program – that is a mistake.

Guys – forgetting to put the toilet seat back down when finished – that is a mistake.

Ladies – forgetting to take the grocery list with to the supermarket – that is a mistake.

What aren’t mistakes are choices/decisions made that not only affect your family but your future as well.

Check out the following scenarios:

Two opportunities –

(One) – accept a job that, while it meant less money coming in, you would continue working close to home, and staying near friends and family so, it appears to be a good decision.

(Two) – accept a job that, while it meant more money coming in, you may be working in Alaska in January, Michigan in February and might be away from home for months at a time. But it sounds appealing and challenging in spite of the possibility of being in cold country at the worst time of the year. Could be the right choice!

Downside to option #1- less money

Downside to option #2 – Never know when or where you will be

Do you ask for the approval of others? Whose life is it anyway?

No matter which option is made, if it didn’t work out, the question most of us would be sure to ask is: Was a mistake made?

Or was this just a choice/decision that had to be made and whatever happens – happens!

Fact of the matter is – we should look at it in the following manner:

If I don’t regret it, then it’s not a mistake! By the way, we chose Option #1 and no a mistake was not made. No regrets!


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