Looking Back!

50 years

Fifty – add nineteen in front of fifty and we would have the year 1950 or better yet, the 1950’s. The year is 1958 – the year I left home and struck out on my own.

Did you ever consider what life would have been like had we been born in a different time period whether it was 100 years ago or perhaps centuries ago? I have never really given it much thought. But should I be asked to give further thought to the matter, I would find myself in a quandary of sorts trying to decide what period of history I would feel more comfortable with.

Naturally, armed with the knowledge I now know, going back to any particular era should not be a problem, provided of course, we would be able to use that knowledge to better prepare us for the future.

Having traveled as much as we have over our lifetime, there are many places we have been to either living there for several years or just visiting while on vacation. Places like Reading, PA – our birthplace, and the world.

pagoda    the world

I doubt seriously that I would want to go back as far as the days of King Arthur.

King Arthur

 Having lived in Bisbee, Arizona back in the 1970’s, I must admit that I did find living out west fun and enjoyable. But, my guess is that I would be the true “city slicker” type and thus, I doubt seriously that I would want to live back in the days of the Wild Wild West.  (Let’s face it, I am a lover not a fighter!)

wild wild west

 And knowing that there have been several wars the early part of the nineteenth century, I doubt seriously that I would want to go back to the early 1900’s. Although those years were the years of our parents,  World War  I – “Roaring Twenties” – “The Great Depression”.

world war I   Roaring Twenties   great depression

Actually I cannot think of any particular time I would truly like to go back to. Besides, who is to say that the next time would be any better or worse than the time period we have already gone through?  While, I could probably list several things I might have changed – definitely less than fifty items – in essence, we are quite happy with our lot in life and really have few, if any, regrets.

We both made it past the first fifty years of our lives and as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,”  broke - fix it

so I guess we will do just as good during the next fifty as well!

Until next time!



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Welcome to my blog: I retired in September of 1996 after twenty-five years as an Underwriting Manager (and one year with a smaller insurance company) and have written blog postings on the website Retirement-online.com prior to setting up this Word Press free site. Having retired almost twenty years ago I have experienced my own retirement transition. I survived and you will too. Oddly enough, now that I have more time, I am discovering various things about myself that I would not have imagined myself doing in retirement. Why does it take so long for, we as individuals, to stop and think about ME!? Join me as I share with you some of the shenanigans we have been up to since retiring. Retirement is and can be a whole lot of fun. Welcome to my site – remember – retirement is not the destination we are seeking – it is the journey! I encourage you to visit often, provide comments, ask questions and add your own insights. We are all on this journey together.
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