word prompt moon

Today’s word prompt – moon – got me to thinking about how many different ways the word “moon” can and has been used over the years.

If we think back to some of the quotes said by Mark Twain, we might recall that he once said, “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

And then when thinking about the possibility of something happening that is so remote that it may never happen, we might hear the phrase, “Once in a blue moon!”

blue moon

What about those of us who are married – remember your “honeymoon”? You know that very short holiday a man and a woman take immediately after they get married (ours was all of two days and some of that was spent just driving to and driving back from the Poconos).

our honeymoon

We are big fans of the television show “Suits” and the most recent episode had Louis “mooning over”  the architect that was supposed to redesign the firm’s offices.

new suits

Those of you into astrology might think of someone born under the sign of Cancer – you know those known as “Moon Child.”


I guess this piece would not be complete had I not included the word many college kids thought was rather funny way back when – you guessed it – I am referring to the word “mooning” – you know that which refers to a bare, moon-like posterior being displayed to passer-bys.


Anyone that can think back to Prohibition days might also remember the nickname given to those that decided to make illegal whiskey in secret stills – you know those individuals known or referred to back then as “Moonshiners.”


For my southern friends, there is that famous snack that is made by the combining of two round crisp cookies with a great big layer of marshmallow filling inside it and then dipping this concoction in a chocolate or banana flavored coating. You know what I am talking about – “Moon Pies!”

Moon pie

The next one may take you back – but how many of you can remember the show “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheppard. Now that is a good remembrance of the word Moonlighting. I like to think of this show instead of the usual interpretation of the word moonlighting which means having a night job as well as day-time employment.

Moonlighting final season

And then for us really old-timers, how many remember the famous threat used by Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) to his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) in the show “The Honeymooners” – “To the moon, Alice!”

The Honeymooners

But then what do I know, I know as much about it as the “Man in The Moon” or put another way – I know nothing.

man in the moon

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Various ways to use the word “Moon”

    1. One, Bruce Willis became involved with Die Hard; two, Cybill Sheppard just had twins; and three,the head writer left the show. One thing led to another and ratings went down causing the eventual demise of the show.

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