Did you ever wonder why we tend to collect so much stuff? Although, thinking about this subject made me stop and give thought to other individual’s homes. Naturally my children’s homes as well as the homes of my brothers and sisters came to mind. We all tend to have more in our house than many people would consider necessary. What can I say, we follow suit of our parents and their parents before them.

This “stuff” as I tend to call it, in essence is merely that which we bought, used, and in some instances, no longer use as often but might and thus isn’t quite ready to be passed on to others or trashed. If it is still useable, one might categorize it as “useful stuff”, while others might have a different name for it – the word “junk” comes to mind, although I must admit, whenever I use that word in association with stuff, I am in deep “CaCa.”

Let me explain – we all probably like to have certain things at our fingertips – me for instance, I usually have a couple of books next to my bed. And then there are those items of sentimental value we tend to have laying around, not being utilized but just lying there taking up space. Recently I came across a leather credit card case that , when used, only holds a few credit cards and perhaps my drivers license, (more than likely the reason it doesn’t get used often). Point is – it is just lying there on the dresser, not being used. So why is it there?


Fact is, I do not throw it away because it has sentimental value. I admired the one my son had while visiting him some time back and shortly thereafter he gave me a similar one as a gift. I don’t use it often due to its limited holding capacity but when I am going someplace and do not need many credit cards or do not want a bulging wallet in my back pocket, I use it. Plus, it provides fond memories of my son whenever I do use it.

At times when wandering through the house and I see this or that laying around – say on my desk or possibly on a table – I do not look at the item as being out of place or that our house is untidy. No, my mind immediately takes me back to the time the item was obtained and in most cases, visions of that time or place bring happy thoughts to mind.

This trip down memory lane brings back visions or ghosts of the past.

Our home is filled with mementos of good times – sometimes with our children – sometimes with friends – and sometimes just my wife and I on a fun-filled trip. While I am sure that there are quite a few items that we could probably get rid of (toss or donate), we come from an era where the thought process was that if “it isn’t eating anything – it isn’t hurting anything or anybody either.”

Our generation didn’t automatically throw something away just because it was old. Sooner or later we may have a need for it and it will come in handy and be useful once again.  Plus, having it, means we won’t have to buy another one.

So, every now and then when I get a little bit frustrated with all the “useful stuff” we are still hanging onto, I think back to a moment in time when I needed to repair something or had the need for “this or that” and my loving wife reminds me that I should check in the “craft room” as our space for things we keep is called.  There might be just a “ghost of a chance” that she has it cause we never threw it away.



2 thoughts on “Ghost of a Chance

  1. As somebody from a younger generation, I admire that you are holding such a deep consideration of your relationship to your things. If you can throw away things you don’t need anymore, so can I. And if I can, so can you!

    Actually, this has some connections to my post about ghosts. I’ll definitely come back around to read your things. Stop by my blog, too!

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