At what age do we finally begin to allow others do things for us?

We recently took a trip to see our son in California and due to the length of our stay we could not get by with just a carry-on. So, we each had a 25 inch suitcase, which when packed weighed slightly under 40 pounds. The first checked bag is free and must be under 50 pounds.

We took a trip to Europe several years back and learned first-hand how self-sufficient we had to be when it came to carrying our own luggage. But I digress.

Back to the packing of the suitcases!  Even though most times our suitcases are under 40 pounds, I tend to struggle lifting them as I no longer have the muscle mass I had when I was 50 or even 60. It is actually comical to see me lifting each suitcase once filled as I step on the scale asking my wife to see what my combined weight is so as to make sure we are not over the 50 pound limit.  But I do it to be sure. Hey, it cost enough for the two of us to fly let alone having to pay for our luggage as well.

So, we lift them into the car and drive to the airport where we have to lift them out again so we can wheel them to the check-in line. And then there is the lifting them onto the scale at the airport.  All this to prove to myself that I can still do it!

Once we arrive at the airport and our children pick us up – first thing they want to do is carry our bag for us. Do we look that feeble? I actually think that at our age – we look pretty good and still get around rather well without any assistance from a cane, walker, or heaven forbid, a wheel-chair.

However, truth be told, it is becoming more and more difficult to heft that 40 pound suitcase into the car and onto the scale at the airport. So, I guess we will have to let our pride at home next visit to the children because by that time (we usually only get to see them once – sometimes twice in any given year), who knows – we may even have to have someone carry the suitcase from the house to the car before we even start our trip.

Which means the next time we arrive and our son says, “Here mom and dad, let me carry that,” I may even hand him my backpack as well cause I am sure that must weigh at least ten pounds.



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