Today’s word prompt “Complicated” conjures up different connotations depending on who it is that is trying to discuss or debate the word. In this instance, my thoughts dwell around the individual that is now in his mid-to-late seventies living in Florida near a beach.

Recently you find yourself in a swanky restaurant with an eight-page menu trying to decide what to order – now that is complicated.

You are retired twenty years, living near the beach in sunny Florida spending most of your days in T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops and learn that an old colleague died and you are expected to give the eulogy. Finding something decent to wear without having to buy a new suit – now that is complicated.

Your grandchild calls you and asks you to send them a “selfie!” That is complicated.

On your way to the grocery store, your car breaks down so you pop the hood thinking you got this – just looking under the hood – now that is complicated!

Trying to decide which Medicare Advantage coverage is best for you once a year at enrollment time is complicated!

Even though you have been retired for 20 years, filing your income tax is complicated.

Deciding what flavor of ice cream you want at a Baskin-Robbins, now that is complicated!

Twenty years ago – unplugging your entire computer network (speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc.) and setting it back up in another room – now that was complicated.

Thinking ahead ten or fifteen years when you are already in your late seventies and wondering where you’ll be and who will be caring for you – now that is complicated.

Fortunately however, as we age, our wants and needs tend to become fewer as well as simpler. Hopefully, as we move forward in the aging process, we will be able to do so with grace and dignity and as such, the word complicated will no longer be part of our vocabulary (leastways not ours individually).



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