Many people think that a “muse” has to be something similar to the text book version of what a muse is – you know – “a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

Now that may be true for many a creative artist – artists, those that dabble in sculptures, composers, and so forth. Writers too have been known to have their own muses as well.

Joan H. Parker – writer and philanthropist was muse to her husband Robert B. Parker (Spenser series) and as such was the reason Susan Silverman came to be the fictional girlfriend of Spenser in the series.

Patricia Cornwell is known to use psychology as her muse when penning her Kay Scarpetta mysteries.

For Conan Doyle – writing wasn’t just a profession – it was a spiritual calling.

Thus, when I think of the word “muse” as it relates to writing, my mind automatically goes towards authors of novels – particularly mystery stories and detective stories.

But what of us that write blogs – do bloggers have muses? Where do we draw our inspiration from? Better yet, how do we find our muse? How do we keep it? Or would the better question be: “How do I defeat ‘writer’s block?”

Ray Bradbury once said – “writers should relate to their own unconscious self as a muse. His theory was that by becoming one’s own muse, we would also avoid both workaholism and laziness.

By taking this approach, we ourselves, as writers, are responsible for providing not only ideas but must also provide the energy needed to do something creative with those ideas.

Based on this theory then: we as our own muse must take responsibility for waiting should our muse say wait – the time isn’t just quite right; act should a spark of inspiration come over us and not dismiss it; and finally in his words “making ourselves a fit conduit for our muse by doing whatever kind of practice work is necessary to keep our chops up.”

One of the problems I face daily when trying to write is “what to write about.” There are several areas that I have strong feelings about and at times would like to put my two cents out there but…..the topics – politics, terrorism, religion, and so forth are so controversial today and as evidenced by the news, social media, and the like that at this point in my life, being honest, I do not need the hassles it would bring down on me.

Instead, I choose to write about our retired life mainly because at one point or another everyone hopefully will get to retire. By sharing with others the fun times one can have once they do retire, I feel I have contributed in some small way information that may be helpful to them when their time comes to retire or possibly assist them now if they are having difficulty acclimating to retired life. You would be amazed how many people are scared to death of taking that step into yet another fascinating part of their lives.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of scary things happening all over the world today but we cannot live in fear and so the other thing I like to write about is anything that might bring a smile to someone’s face or even cause them to bust out with a hearty laugh or two.

So, on occasion one might see me deviate from a serious article providing information about retirement and the fun it can bring to posting something completely off the wall and comical. I have been known to provide some useless information (wild and crazy things like jokes, trivia, etc.) in my blog postings.

After all, retirement years are merely another phase we must go through and hopefully those years will provide us not only time for relaxation but just might allow us to pursue doing those things we have wanted to do during our working years but didn’t have the time to do them.

Laughter – that expression or appearance of merriment or amusement can go a long way in making someone happy and if it takes their minds off other problems, who knows, they too might start enjoying their lives more fully.

Bottom line is that my own unconscious self has become my muse when it comes to being creative as it relates to my writing style and blogging posts. Hopefully those taking the time to read those posts will find my material both informative and comical but not necessarily both at the same time.

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