Ah, to be young again, full of life and ready to face the world. While growing up we considered ourselves to be unstoppable! In our younger years, we looked upon each day as a new challenge. We paid attention to what our peers as well as our parents did on a daily basis and aspired to do better once we were of an age to do so.

But dreams tend to be just that, dreams until action is taken to make them reality. Over the years, I can truthfully say that I bounced from one job to another with no real true goal or objective. I mean, let me ask you, what twenty-one year old aspires to be a grocery stock clerk all his life or work in an upholstery factory. And these were only several of the jobs I held prior to entering the insurance industry.

If memory serves me well (not sure at my age), I commented previously about my CPCU ® designation. Allow me to share some information about this program. When I first became involved with insurance many, many years ago (70’s), I didn’t even know what CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) meant.

As a matter of fact, over the years  I learned a lot about the CPCU program as well as many other insurance programs. But another thing I learned was that it pays to have a good mentor. When I took my first shot at a CPCU exam, I was ready to not only toss my books out the window, but to change vocations as well. But, my supervisor, who was a CPCU himself, took me under his wing and devised a plan for me to follow.

First, it was suggested that I put the CPCU program on hold and instead divert my attention to another insurance program, one known as the IIA (Insurance Institute of America) Program in General Insurance. By doing this, I would be learning not only how to study again (I had been out of school since 1958), but the three courses that made up this program would also be an entrée to Part I of the then five-part CPCU program (eventually it became ten parts and then eight).

A little more history is needed here to make my point regarding today’s word prompt. When I was taking this program, the program was five parts, you began studying in September, sat for the exam the following June, and only learned if you passed in August, many times after you had already signed up for the next part which in some cases meant there was the possibility one might be studying for two parts during the same nine months.

Such was the case with me in that I failed both the Accounting and Finance part as well as the Economic part (after all I was only a high-school graduate – never attended college), several times. As a matter-of-fact, I even took a 75-hour Economics course at the University of North Florida – passed that course – and failed the CPCU exam. Bottom line is that I failed both these two courses several times before finally passing the exam.

By now you are probably wondering what my rambling has to do with the word unstoppable, just this – as I said, some individuals complete the program in a ridiculously short period of time. But me, it took me thirteen years! There were cross-country moves, birth of a baby, and various other “life” events. Life is funny that way.

But, once hooked – I was unstoppable in my effort to achieve the coveted CPCU® designation.






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